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Anyway, I hope you enjoy the Tricks and Bricks Don’t Mix short story!

Tricks and Bricks Don’t Mix

“Before your trick,
To impress a chick,
Check for brick!”

Ruby sighed. She had heard that saying too often in the past months.

“And it is all because of that silly boy!” She hissed through her teeth as she unpacked her suitcase. Ruby was fresh out of college and moved back to her hometown to join the search and rescue crew stationed. She had hoped the saying would die down by the time she had graduated, but it stuck to her like a flea on a dog. Her mind sifted through the terrible memories that the school trip had given her. Unlike the cheerful, sunny morning that greeted her today, that school trip had been in the cold of winter.

Ruby laughed at her roommates’ antics as the bus rolled to a stop in front of the Academy. The Academy was not where Ruby went to school. She went to school at an offshoot of the Academy called the Campus. Every year, the Campus students went to the Academy for a week. There was a job fair with prestigious businesses from across the globe looking for their newest hires during that week. It was an exciting time for Ruby and her classmates. They would be allowed to apply for their dream jobs!

Ruby already knew she would be going back home for her job, but the excitement was contagious. She was as pumped as any of them to be going to the Academy, even if it was just for a visit. Everything was going great until he showed up. One of the Academy students graduating that year had taken a fancy to her.

Ruby first noticed it once in the cafeteria when he came up to her table. He had not so suavely attempted to gain access to her by joining the conversation. He had ended up sitting at her table and made polite conversation with her friends. When he had really shown his true motives was when he “casually” asked for her number so that he could show her a few things when Ruby was free later. Ruby had not been looking for a relationship. She wanted a friendship and nothing more.

As the week wore on, the guy seemed to show up every place that Ruby went. Ruby became frustrated but told herself to calm down. The week would soon be over, and she would be free of her “fan”, she told herself. Then, the night before they left to return to the Campus, it happened.

Ruby and some of her friends were joking around about how they were tougher than these Academy students because the winter was harsher where they lived. One of her guy friends joked about how the guys would dive into the snow and run around without a shirt. As always, the stalker was there, and he took this to heart. He stated that he would go dive into the snow. The others called what they thought to be his bluff until he ran out of the door. Ruby and her friends ran to the window to watch as the guy prepared to dive into a great pile of snow.

As he began his dive, Ruby’s friend entered the room and asked why the guy would dive into that brick wall. Sure enough, the guy did just that. He staggered back into the room, proclaiming that he was as tough as the Campus students. He began to vomit and had a huge gash on his head. Ruby’s medical training kicked. She knew a concussion when she saw one.

Ruby yelled for someone to call 911 and told the man to lie down. She made sure his head didn’t move as she waited for the paramedics to arrive, but that was the last thing she’d wanted to do. As she waited, the guy kept telling her how he would do that again for her if she asked. Ruby began to turn red, and she wished for the paramedics to arrive sooner.

Eventually, the paramedics arrived and carted the guy off to the hospital. Ruby’s wonderful friends came up with a simple saying to remember the week forever.

Before your trick, to impress a chick, check for brick!

Ruby shook her head at the memory. Thankfully, she had never heard from the guy again. Yet to this day, she didn’t know why he had thought his actions would win him a girlfriend.


Thank you for reading the funny but sad Tricks and Bricks Don’t Mix! My next post will be in two weeks for history nerds like me (it is also landing on my birthday, so happy birthday to me!). Until then, stay sane and safe!

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