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Snapshot History of Werstrom is the name of the post today. Werstrom is the name of a group of islands. The islands are to the northwest of Dasica. There are some Werstrom settlements on the continent but it is thought to be an island nation. If you haven’t read the last lore post, you can find it here https://victoriamayburybooks.ca/2021/04/23/snapshot-history-of-stolor/. Onto the snapshot history of Werstrom!

Snapshot History of Werstrom

The Discovery of Werstrom (525)

Werstrom was discovered by the nekos who fled Svadfolis. After fleeing Svadfolis from the oppression of the other races, the nekos wished to find a place to call their own. They first went to Traiton but it was already inhabited by changelings.

The nekos feared the changelings and continued north. They finally found a group of islands and named them Werstrom. There they lived in relative peace for over 1000 years until the elves came.

The Outposts on the Continent (550)

After the discovery of Werstrom, the nekos sailed out to find new places for their race. They found the western side of the continent and explored until they hit the great river. The nekos that had been sent returned to Werstrom. There, they told their tribes what they had found.

The neko tribes were worried about other races finding them and decided to stop the exploration of the continent. One tribe chief did not agree with this and sent out nekos to build outposts on the continent. The other tribes were furious when they found out but did not dissuade the construction of the outposts. Later, the outposts became towns of Werstrom and are used as trading centers with other countries.

Treaty of the Water (1550)

Once the elves had left Svadfolis, they did some exploring of their own. They found Werstrom and grew attached to it. The elves loved the simplicity of the nekos but wished to create a great island nation.

The elven leaders went to the neko chiefs and asked to live with the nekos. The nekos agreed to allow them to live on the islands with them as long as certain laws were enforced. The elves agreed and so came to be the Treaty of the Water.

The Drought of Terror (2100-2102)

For two long and hard years, the islands of Werstrom, Traiton and Svadfolis had a difficult drought. No one knows why there was a drought.

The drought was hard on the neko tribes and griffins. The griffins eventually left their islands and flew to the mountains in the continent. There the griffins stay to this day.

Neko tribes stayed on the islands but the death toll rose until they lost count of the dead. No one in the neko tribes had not lost a couple close relatives.

The elves that ruled over Werstrom did not care for the nekos’ loss but pushed the race to leave the islands for the elves and live somewhere else.

The Survivors of Svadfolis (3000)

After Svadfolis had been abandoned, the few nekos that lived there made their ways to Traiton and Werstrom. The elves begrudgingly allowed them to live in Werstrom but changed the treaty of the water giving them even more power over the nekos.

The nekos began to live in the mountains or on boats on the sea where the elves were not. Neko survivors were treated as slaves by rich elves and were sold as mercenaries to other countries. At this time, nekos would willing be sold as mercenaries so their families would have food to eat. It was the job of the eldest child to be sold as a mercenary to give the rest of the children a chance for education or a better life. The practice is called neko sacrifice and is still practiced to this day.

The War of the Continent (3900-4100)

After the plague, economy took a while to recover. In Fadrye, a system was put into place to divde the race by the colour of their skin. White humans were the lowest on the scale of importance. The darker the better was their motto.

The mages and elves did not agree with this. When the humans attempted to force the other races to do as they had done, the elves and mages revolted. The ensuing bloodbath lasted two centuries and was only stopped due to the time of monsters.

The nekos traded with both sides as neither side asked the nekos to join theirs. Through the wise trading of the nekos, they were able to feel some freedom from their elven overseers.

The Treaties with Dasica and Iodroyque (4104)

After the war, the elves deemed it wise to have treaties with both of the new countries. The treaties’ details included things such as Werstrom would have trading rights in the western bay. The western bay was connected to the sea and the great river and had many ports in it. Both new countries agreed and the treaties were signed swiftly.

The Conscription of Hunters (4268-4355)

Some elves grew tired of sharing land with the nekos and wished to be rid of them. The dictator decided the best course of action would be to use the nekos as hunters. Nekos were naturally good at hunting and were sent across the world to find the rarest of animals and things.

The elves were satisfied for awhile but some decided to send human hunters after the nekos to play a cat and mouse game.

The Exodus to Traiton (4355)

Once the elves started to hunt the nekos, the nekos had had enough of the oppression. They left for the island of Traiton were chaos seemed to reign. Few neko tribes stayed in Werstrom but most set out to Traiton. There they were able to cut out a less miserable living for themselves.

Decree of Humans (4700)

At a council of the nations, it was decided that no nation should have any deity or religion. The differing of opinions had led to much bloodshed in their minds. Truth be told, it had been the tainted power that infiltrated the ranks of certain religons that had caused bloodshed.

The council agreed to make religion illegal. They also decreed that anyone practicing religion or anything that remotely looked to be part of a religious belief was to be put to death. This was called the Decree of Sorrows. The decree is in effect to this day.

The elves cared not about the trifles of humans but agreed to the decree.

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