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So today, we get to learn about the snapshot history of Traiton. Traiton is an island wrapped in chaos. As a result, many criminals live there thus the name Traiton. After reading this post, you can check out more lore posts here. Now, it is time to look at the snapshot history of Traiton. I hope you enjoy it but if you don’t, thanks for coming still!

Snapshot History of Traiton

The Discovery of Traiton (500)

Traiton was discovered first by the changelings. They left Svadfolis due to the prejudice and discrimination against them. Traiton was the first island they came across and the changelings were happy to stay there. They were the only race to live on Traiton until 550 when the griffins came from Svadfolis.

The griffins had also been harassed by the humans, mages and elves. The two races lived in peace on Traiton.

The Construction of the Citadel (600)

After living in close proximity with the golden griffins for fifty years, the races decided to build a city. The construction of the Citadel began in the first month of year 600 and took nine months to complete the first version of the Citadel.

The Citadel was considered to be a great accomplishment because it was the first city built by multiple races since the capital on Svadfolis.  Many thought the Citadel to be a symbol of peace and hope.

Interracial Treaty (650)

The Citadel brought more people and other races to Traiton. It held the first market of trade that had traders coming across the world to sell their goods in exchange for others. More people began to live on the island.

This caused the changelings to worry about history repeating itself. The changelings and griffins co-wrote a treaty that stated all races are equal. They wished all races to be treated equally in both rewards and punishments for their actions.

Any person who wish to live on Traiton had to sign the treaty as an agreement that they would follow the treaty. People did this eagerly.

As time passed, some changelings explored and found the continent. The explorers really loved the eastern side of the continent. Some changelings began to move to the eastern side of the continent.

Traitor Bay (1500)

After the countries Fadrye and Stolor were founded, they began to use Traiton as a place to send criminals. The ships would stop in a bay that was called Traitor Bay because many of the criminals that were brought to Traiton were traitors of their country. This practice is still done to this day.

Trade with the Continent (1800)

After the continent was established, they began to trade with both Werstrom and Traiton. Traiton started trading with people as cargo as well. The trade with the continent helped Traiton’s economy.

Most of the island was desert with dangerous creatures. The trade with the continent helped the island hire hunters to help exterminate some of the many dangerous creatures.

Out of all the countries, it is said that Traiton has the most creative cooking with what they have to use.  

The Endless Drought (2100-2102)

For two long and hard years, the islands of Werstrom, Traiton and Svadfolis had a difficult drought. No one knows why there was a drought.

The drought was hard on the neko tribes and griffins. The griffins eventually left their islands and flew to the mountains in the continent. There the griffins stay to this day.

Neko tribes stayed on the islands but the death toll rose until they lost count of the dead. No one in the neko tribes had not lost a couple close relatives.

After the drought, a few tribes of nekos came to reside in Traiton. All the griffins left the island of Traiton to find water in the mountains of Dasica, Iodroyque and Fadrye. Traiton called the drought, the Endless Drought.

Loss of Government (2101)

During the endless drought, the people of Traiton began to feel hopeless. This hopelessness caused them to go after the government of Traiton. They blamed the government for the drought.

The government dissolved during the drought. Anarchy has reigned since then. Normally there was some sort of leader even during anarchy but it was normally a pirate or some ruffian with power.

Since the dissolution of the government, the country’s economy has plummeted and is known as the poorest country. Traiton was thought of the most peaceful country but after the loss of government, it became the most bloodthirsty country.

Abandonment of Griffins (2102)

As the country fell further and further into anarchy, the griffins left to find a better place to live. They went to the mountainous regions on the continent and can still be found there to this day.

Torching of the Citadel (3500-3600)

The people were so used to rioting and rage. They didn’t want to live in peace nor have any reminders of peace. They torched the citadel.

After one hundred years of abusing the city, the citadel fell. When it fell, the last bit of trade with other countries was also destroyed. To this day, other countries do not set foot on Traiton unless there is no other choice.

The Treaty of the Continent (4700)

At a council of the nations, it was decided that no nation should have any deity or religion. The differing of opinions had led to much bloodshed in their minds. Truth be told, it had been the tainted power that infiltrated the ranks of certain religons that had caused bloodshed.

The council agreed to make religion illegal. They also decreed that anyone practicing religion or anything that remotely looked to be part of a religious belief was to be put to death. This was called the Decree of Sorrows. The decree is in effect to this day.

Some of Traiton agreed to follow the decree but the country lived in a constant state of anarchy with pirates for leaders.


I hope you enjoyed the snapshot history of Traiton, I know I did. Alos, please check out some of the different posts and comment or even share this with your friends, it really helps to boost my spirits. Thank you for your time!

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