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Snapshot history of Svadfolis is the last lore post for history. . . for now. But don’t worry, more might come! Svadfolis was the first country of Ursa. If you want to read more lore posts, you can find them here. So, enjoy the snapshot history of Svadfolis!

Snapshot History of Svadfolis

The Coalition of the Six Races (1)

After the creation of the six races, the Creator placed them all on Svadfolis. The races saw beyond the exterior to the heart below. They knew that they were all the same even if they looked different.

The six races created the coalition of the six races and lived in peace with one another. They built towns together and were happy until the first time of monsters.

The First Time of Monsters (100)

The first appearance of the monsters created by the evil servant was 100 years after Ursa had been brought into existance. It was the worst time of monsters ever recorded. The six races were unaware of the danger they faced and decided to attack them on their own.

The monsters brought the six races to their knees. Only after the races called out to the Creator for help, did hope arise through the nation. Out of each race came two heroes, a male one and a female one.

The heroes fought back the monsters to their spawning point on Svadfolis. There, one hero gave his life to ensure the safety of the races. The hero’s name was Joshua. From that first time of monsters, arose the six sisters who helped the population learn of and know the Creator.

The six sisters were the female heroes. Five of the six sisters married their male counterparts who were also heroes but the youngest sister stayed alone. The sixth sister was given a special relationship with the Creator and could speak openly with Him.

The Segregation of the Six Races (101-500)

After the first time of monsters, the races became more wary of each other. The races started sticking with their own races and some would not even trade with other races.

The tension became high between the six races and the leaders decided that the best thing to do was to segregate the different races. Each race lived in a different part of each city and the other races were not allowed within those sections.

That segregated lifestyle continued for almost four hundred years until tension was at a breaking point.

The Separation of the Six Races (500-550)

After the time of monsters, the races began to doubt their neighbouring races. This was especially true for the changelings who appeared very similar to some of the monsters. This caused overt discrimination towards them. By 510, they left the island of Svadfolis and moved to the island of Traiton.

The griffins soon left as well. They made for the more mountainous regions of Traiton. The nekos were also fed up with their treatment and left for a different island. Instead of going to Traiton, the nekos went to the more northern group of islands called Werstrom.

The Wall of Monsters Built (700)

After three of the races left the island of Svadfolis, the remaining three races felt it wise to construct a wall surrounding the monster spawn point. Many builders died as the wall was constructed.

The wall held for a little over 500 years. The wall of monsters was sabotaged. The people of Svadfolis did not know who sabotaged it but they decided on a race to hunt.

The Hunt for Changelings (1200)

After the destruction of the wall of monsters, the people of Svadfolis hunted for the changelings. None knew who had sabotaged the wall but it was easier to blame the changelings than uncover the mystery.

They hunted for changelings for 800 years and caught many. The captured changelings were used for research or punished for their involvement in sabotaging the wall of monsters. To this day, the changelings believe the people of Svadfolis to be the true monsters of Ursa.

This caused the changelings to hate all but their own and their trust became very hard to earn.

The Destruction of the Capital (2000)

The Capital of Svadfolis was destroyed in year 2000. It was destroyed first by the people who rioted and fought the other remaining races in the capital. It is unknown why the people began to fight amongst themselves but many historians believe that their brains had been poisoned.

After six months of the races fighting each other, hordes of monsters came upon the capital. Those who didn’t escape died gruesome deaths and to this day the ruins of the capital are thought to be cursed. Those who did escape created settlements on the water’s edge with the hope that one day they would retake the rest of the island.

The Island Drought (2100-2102)

For two long and hard years, the islands of Werstrom, Traiton and Svadfolis had a difficult drought. No one knows why there was a drought.

The drought was hard on the neko tribes and griffins. The griffins eventually left their islands and flew to the mountains in the continent. There the griffins stay to this day.

Neko tribes stayed on the islands but the death toll rose until they lost count of the dead. No one in the neko tribes had not lost a couple close relatives.

Svadfolis had already been hit with hordes of monsters that killed many of them. The drought took out even more people. Some left Svadfolis to go to other lands but most stayed with the hope they could retake their homeland.

Time of Fires, Sickness and Fear (2500-3000)

The last 500 years of Svadfolis’ history was filled with many fires and sickness. The monsters continued to hunt the remaining people of Svadfolis. The people lived in fear until one day they had had enough.

The Abandonment of Svadfolis (3000)

As time passed, the number of monsters living on Svadfolis grew. Though heroes would come and save the island from being totally overrun, people grew tired of burying their loved ones.

The few settlements left packed all that they had and left the island. Some moved to Fadrye but most went to live in Traiton and Werstrom for fear of another massacre.

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