Well, snapshot history of Stolor is the name of today’s post. Stolor is the country to the east of Fadrye. It is mostly populated by changelings but other races have come to live there as well. If you haven’t seen the last lore post you can find it here. I hope you enjoy the snapshot history of Stolor.

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Snapshot History of Stolor

Treaty of Uncertainty (1600-1750)

By year 1000, few people lived on Svadfolis. Changelings lived in the eastern most part of the continent while humans took up the rest.

A couple families of mages had made the torturous journey to the south-west part of the continent and lived close to the elves. The elves resided in the forests and were content to be left alone.

The humans feared the changelings and made an agreement with them. They agreed to leave the eastern most side of the continent that was past the mountains to be the land of the changelings. The rest of the continent was under the control of the humans. The changeling’s country was called Stolor and the human’s country, Fadrye.

The changelings feared the humans and when the humans wished to form a peace treaty, the changelings agreed. It took 150 years for the treaty to be signed. During that time, the changelings feared their western neighbours would attack them. They called the treaty, the treaty of uncertainty.

The Discovery of Undermountain (2000)

After the treaty, the changelings began to mine their lands. They found many different metals and gems that they traded with the other countries. Only one item did they hold back.

The item they kept secret was called undermountain because it was found under the mountains. It was known as a double-edged sword because it both had the ability to strengthen one’s dormant power but also suppress it. The changelings used it in their warfare but kept it so secretive that no other country knew of it for 3000 years.

Treaty of Immigration (3000)

After Svadfolis had been abandoned, some humans came to live in Stolor. The changelings at first did not let them in. After much deliberation, they allowed the humans to enter their country.

Every human who entered had to sign a treaty known as the treaty of immigration. The treaty outlines that humans would not treat changelings with contempt or hate. Rather the two races would get along and live side by side. Any human who did not follow the signed treaty would be punished as would any changeling. However, as time passed, the human punishments became more severe and the changeling ones less so.

The Plague of Darkness (3500-3600)

The one-hundred-year plague or the plague was known as the worst pandemic the world had ever known.  City leaders did not believe that there was a sickness in their cities and due to their negligence, the plague spread all the more quickly.

People think that it had been a particularly potent acheri that had brought the sickness on to three children in the great market. There is no evidence for this claim but it still remains a mystery how it spread so quickly from one place to another.

Changelings did not get sick from the plague because their bodies had a built-in immunity to it. This caused many countries to hunt for changelings and do experiments upon them to find a cure for the plague.

The War of Tears (3900-4100)

After the plague, economy took a while to recover. In Fadrye, a system was put into place to divde the race by the colour of their skin. White humans were the lowest on the scale of importance. The darker the better was their motto.

The mages and elves did not agree with this. When the humans attempted to force the other races to do as they had done, the elves and mages revolted. The ensuing bloodbath lasted two centuries and was only stopped due to the time of monsters.

Out of all the races, the changelings were hurt the most. They lost all their soldiers and most of their spies during the war. During that time of monsters, the race was brought to the brink of extinction.

The Solidification of Hierarchy (4101)

After the war of tears, the remaining changelings fused the undermountain to them to make them stronger than before. With the help of the undermountain, they instated a hierarchy for their country.

Changelings were at the top, then nekos and elves, then mages. Humans were at the bottom of the hierarchy and were the poorest amongst them. The other races that lived in Stolor treated the humans harshly since humans from other countries treated the other races harshly.

The Rescue of Changelings (4102)

After instating and solidifying the new hierarchy, some of the changelings went to other countries in search of more of their race. All changelings that were found, were taken back to Stolor. Many of the changelings had suffered at the hands of the other races. They used their past suffering to justify their actions and made the other races suffer worse than what they had suffered.

Change of Race Name (4200)

The changelings were cursed and despised by the other countries. The name changeling caused fear in the hearts of all who heard it. To change this, the changelings renamed themselves as the High Order. The High Order also instated a theocratic government and the High Order were the only ones to communicate with their god.

The Council of Gulda (4500)

The council of Gulda was the first council of nations. Other nations were brought together by Stolor. The council of Gulda was a stepping stone for the High Order to keep tabs on the other countries.

The Decree of Freedom (4700)

At a council of the nations, it was decided that no nation should have any deity or religion. The differing of opinions had led to much bloodshed in their minds. Truth be told, it had been the tainted power that infiltrated the ranks of certain religons that had caused bloodshed.

The council agreed to make religion illegal. They also decreed that anyone practicing religion or anything that remotely looked to be part of a religious belief was to be put to death. This was called the Decree of Sorrows. The decree is in effect to this day.

The High Order was pleased by the decree and called it a decree of freedom because they could now operate without having to please other religions. They changed their government to reflect that the High Order was basically gods and have had a pseudo theocracy since then.


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