Welcome to the February Newsletter for 2021! Is it just me, or did January take forever but also went away too fast? Anyway, this month, I don’t have a lot of exciting news, so the newsletter may be short. If you want to read last month’s newsletter, you can find it here:https://victoriamayburybooks.ca/2021/01/15/january-newsletter-for-2021/.

Without further ado, let’s get on to the February Newsletter for 2021!

February Newsletter for 2021

January was absolutely crazy. With the unfortunate passings in the family and the stay-at-home order, we were all at the end of our ropes. Thankfully, God gave us some extra patience to help us get through everything. I am now doing school online, which is difficult for me to focus on. For now, I try to take one day at a time. I’m still editing the second book of the Fire & Ice Chronicles, and soon, I hope to get a beta reader for it. I have stumbled upon a site for independent authors to write their books on and make a livable amount of money. I am still looking into it, but I might start publishing my books on that site. It is still up in the air but, it something you can certainly be praying for.

I’m hoping that my classmates and I will be allowed back on campus to finish school soon. Like I said before, online school isn’t preferable for us, but we are thankful to see each others’ faces every day. With the stay-at-home order coming to a close soon, I hope we can go back to campus within the next week or so. Please keep a lookout on my social media, and I’ll keep you posted when we can go back.

I have begun writing book 3 of the Fire & Ice Chronicles because I saw a little post that said the following. “Being an author means: writing a book while editing another and publishing/promoting a third book.” It convicted me, and I’ll work on upping my author game. I’m not making any promises because I’m pretty sure that book 2 of the Fire & Ice Chronicles won’t be published until near Christmas this year due to lack of things like money (going to college has its cons). Nevertheless, thank you for supporting me and for taking the time to read my newsletters and other posts.

That is all I have for you guys today, hope you have a great one!


Thank you for reading the February Newsletter for 2021! My next post will be next week, just in time for Valentine’s Day (gross!). Until then, stay sane and safe!

Victoria R. Maybury

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