The protagonist Ash is forced into an arranged marriage, which does not turn out for the better, causing her to take refuge with the man she was supposed to marry. From there, she tries to find her parents' true murderers while surviving their attempts to find her. During this journey, she must fight her feelings for the man she believes to have killed her parents and his friends who accept her with open arms.


1. “Lying isn’t a good look for you. So leave it be,” Ash stated, voice trembling. She ripped her hands out of his and ran, not caring where she ended up.

2. "As she reached the entrance to the forest, an ironic thought popped into her head: she was now being hunted in the woods where she had once been a hunter."

3. "Your insults need much sharpening before they sting,” he said, taking the knife away from her throat. “But what makes you think I would need you to bow to my command?”

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