Hello and welcome to the snapshot history of Fadrye! This is so exciting! Fadrye is the country that both Dasica and Iodroyque broke away from. If you want to check out other lore posts, you can find them here. Enjoy this little snapshot history of Fadrye!

Snapshot History of Fadrye

Treaty of Stone (1600-1750)

The humans feared the changelings and made an agreement with them. They agreed to leave the eastern most side of the continent that was past the mountains to be the land of the changelings. The rest of the continent was under the control of the humans.

The changeling leader agreed to not let his people cross Fadrye’s eastern mountain range. The two countries also began to trade with each other. The eastern most cities in Fadrye had a good relationship with the changelings.

The changeling’s country was called Stolor and the human’s country, Fadrye. The treaty was signed at the summit of the mountains the divided the nations thus giving it the name, treaty of stone. It took 150 years to decide on the wording of the treaty due to the humans’ fear of the changelings.

The City States (1800)

After the treaty of stone, the humans decided to have city states to keep easier track of their people. There were 19 different city states across the great Fadrye country. Few were needed in the plains and there were more of the city states past the western mountains because of the hilly country that held the mages and elves.

Not everyone was in favor of the city states. Soon, some of the city states became larger and took over other smaller ones. There was war between the different city states for almost 2900 years.

The Massacre of Fadrye (2900)

As the human, mage and elves races’ numbers grew, the humans began to encroach on the south western part of the continent. The plains could not keep up with the needs of the many humans that lived there.

As a desperate attempt to save themselves from famine, humans marched upon the mages’ territory. The mages defeated the humans and beat them back past the mountans and into the plains. There, the mages slaughtered towns until their rage subsided.

The mages went back to their own home with a feeling of pride and accomplishment. The elves despised the mages for what they had done and there has been tension between the races ever since.

The Refugees of Svadfolis (3000)

After the abandonment of Svadfolis, many human refugees came to Fadrye. The king was not for the refugees but gave them the bare essentials to live on. At this time, the racial segregation was becoming more prominent in Fadrye.

The refugees finally became a part of Fadrye but they were always thought to be less than the original founders.

The Plague (3500-3600)

The one-hundred-year plague or the plague was known as the worst pandemic the world had ever known.  City leaders did not believe that there was a sickness in their cities and due to their neglegance, the plague spread all the more quickly.

People think that it had been a particularly potent acheri that had brought the sickness on to three children in the great market. There is no evidence for this claim but it still remains a mystery how it spread so quickly from one place to another.

In Fadrye, about a third of the population caught the plague. Two thirds of the infected died and their bodies were burned in a desolate place. After the plague, the king encouraged people to have many children so they could increase their numbers once more.

The Eternal War (3900-4100)

After the plague, economy took a while to recover. In Fadrye, a system was put into place to divde the race by the colour of their skin. White humans were the lowest on the scale of importance. The darker the better was their motto.

The mages and elves did not agree with this. When the humans attempted to force the other races to do as they had done, the elves and mages revolted. The ensuing bloodbath lasted two centuries and was only stopped due to the time of monsters.

The Rebellion of the West (4101)

After the monsters had been defeated, one hero remained standing. This hero was named Dasi Glayde. He lead some of the humans along with the elves and mages to victory against the great country of Fadrye. It was the only bloodless battle in history.

The queen of Fadrye gave them the land past the mountains to the west. The elves stayed in their forest that they had already inhabited. The mages wish to split the land with the humans at the great river so both could have access the waterways. Dasi Glayde refused and took all the waterways for the humans.

The mages of Iodro and the humans of Dasica still fight about the boarder to this day.

The Council of Nations (4700)

At a council of the nations, it was decided that no nation should have any deity or religion. The differing of opinions had led to much bloodshed in their minds. Truth be told, it had been the tainted power that infiltrated the ranks of certain religions that had caused bloodshed.

Nevertheless, the council agreed to make religion illegal. They also decreed that anyone practicing religion or anything that remotely looked to be part of a religious belief was to be put to death. This was called the Decree of Sorrows. The decree is in effect to this day.

The Total Monarchy (4700)

In the same year as the Decree of Sorrows was made, a new leader ascended the throne. She brought together the divide city states of Fadrye into one solid and strong country. Her name was Briella Cyrille the Conláed of Fadrye and first empress of Fadrye. She was blessed with an extended life.

But, Briella disagreed with the Decree of Sorrows and would not allow it in Fadrye. She was loved by all.

Loss of First Heir (4824)

Briella’s grandson was destined to be heir but as the empress lay dying on her bed, her grandson disappeared from the face of the earth. No one knew where he had gone. The country mourned the loss of their would-be emperor but Briella calmed them and chose her granddaughter to be her successor.


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