Here we are again, this time with a snapshot history of Iodroyque. Iodroyque is the kingdom south of Dasica. It is mostly populated by elves and mages. If you didn’t read the last lore post, you can find it here. Without further ado, here is the snapshot history of Iodroyque. Enjoy!

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Snapshot History of Iodroyque

The End of Slavery (4101)

After the fourth time of monsters, a hero survived. The hero was named Dasi Glayde and he was from Fadrye. Fadrye had a segregation law that gave all the power to the darkest skinned humans. This meant that white humans like Dasi or any other race that had light skin were less than dirt.

The white humans, mages and elves had had enough of the treatment and rose to claim land for themselves. The mages and elves went the peaceful route and through diplomacy, they were able to secure all the land on the west side of the mountains.

The land was divided between the mages and the humans. The elves lived in the forests and cared not about which country they lived in. The humans agreed to share the great river with the mages. The great river was the division of the countries.

As time passed, more people began to live on the mages’ side of the river. The mage leader, Yon Toshi sent letters to Dasi asking him to not let his people live on the mages’ side of the river. There was no response and more humans migrated to the Iodroycan side.

The Betrayal of Humans (4109)

The humans had agreed to let the mages own the southern side of the river but more people came to reside there. The mages let the people know that they were not welcomed there because it belonged to the mages.

The humans began to leave and some went back to Dasica. Many returned with papers that said they’d bought the land and it was rightfully theirs under Dasicain law. Yon Toshi demanded the people be removed and reinforced the boarder so none could cross that were not allowed to.

The Great War (4110)

The mages were furious to not get what they had been promised as reward for helping free the humans. They evicted all Dasicans living on the south side of the river and sent them back to Dasica.

The humans asked for a peace treaty to be signed between them and the mages. Yon Toshi and a couple of his men met Dasi Glayde on a boat in the middle of the great river. There they signed a peace treaty.

The humans had an ulterior motive and tried to assassinate the leader of the mages. Toshi was the only one to survive the assassination attempt. After that declaration of war, the mages went to war against the humans at the mouth of the great river. The mages asked the elves for help but the elves would not help the mages because they lived on both sides of the river and feared retribution from the humans.

The battle was swift and brutal. There were many deaths on both sides but neither side won. The battle was considered a stalemate. The humans were not pleased with the mages getting access to the waterway and still plot skirmishes against Iodro.

Research into Dormant Powers Began (4120)

As Yon Toshi grew weaker and weaker from the assassination attempt, he sent his researchers to find a cure whether by science or by dormant power. The researchers found no cure but did learn more about dormant power and possibly how to fuse it with science. Yon Toshi’s last decree as leader was to continue the research until all mysteries solved.

The Change in Governance (4249)

After the death of Toshi, his sons fought for the title of leader. Every time the old leader would die, his successors would fight for the title. This caused a lot of bloodshed and soon the people wanted no more of the violence. They had enough violence from the attacks and skirmishes by the Dasicans.

It was decided that the government would no longer be a monarchy but rather a technocracy. The people elected the best researcher, Ozax, to become the leader of Iodroyque. The Ozax line has been unchallenged as leader of Iodro but there is an elected council of geniuses that aids the Ozaxs as leaders.

The Skirmish of Survival (4270)

After hearing that the queen of Dasica, Queen Xulta Glayde, was preparing to launch a full-scale attack against the Idos, the mages planned a skirmish. The skirmish was known as the Skirmish of Survival because the queen was rumored to leave no male mages alive.

She was killed with a mage blade in her own palace. The assassination led to her daughter ascending the throne. Her daughter led the charge of war against the mages but was kinder than her mother.

For three long years, Dasicains and Idos (as mages called themselves) fought. The Dasicains seized the great river at the end of the three years. The Dasicains held it as ransom until the assassin was found. Neverthless, The mages never gave up the assassin but they did take back their half of the great river less than a decade later.

The Capture of Monsters (4300-4325)

The mage researchers learned that monsters had a type of dormant power that was stronger than what the six races had. They sent out monster hunters to catch the monsters and bring them back to the researchers.

Many hunters died trying to capture the monsters. Finally, the researchers had specimens of all 21 species of monster. The Idos researchers preformed many tests on the creatures of evil until one day all the monsters vanished. No one knows what happened to the monsters only that the research done on them opened a lot more understanding of the world.

The Mourning Forest Massacre (4500)

After a severe winter, many mages went to the elves for help. They entered the forest to in the west part of Iodroyque. The elves would not help the mages because they had had a severe winter as well.

The mages went back to their towns and all seemed well when the crops produced abundantly. One town that was close to the forest sent people to thank the elves for helping the crops grow. The mages sent never returned.

Soon the town sent out to find those mages but they too never returned. All the townspeople went into the forest to look for the missing mages but none of the townspeople ever came out of the forest.

To this day, the forest is called the Mourning Forest. It is said that you can still hear the cries of the doomed townspeople. Nobody exactly knows what happened to them but there remains nothing of the town except what is written down in history.

The Council’s Decree (4700)

At the council of the nations, they decided to ban religion. The council believed religion to contribute greatly to conflict and war. Dasica brought forth the idea and many other nations also thought it prudent to do so but the mages were wary of their neighbouring country. The council announced the decree in 4699 and it came into effect the first day of year 4700.

Tenuous Treaty of Delgart (5000)

At the turn of the millennia, the ruling queen of Dasica decided to attempt to smooth things over with the Idos. She sent the mages a request to stop the skirmishes so that neither country exhaust their army. The next time of monsters was one hundred years away and they should be preparing for that and not fighting each other.

The Ozaxs and mage council both agreed and the Dasicain queen and Ido council met on a boat in the middle of the great river to sign the treaty. Since the signing of the treaty, tensions between countries died down a bit and there is some trade in the city of Delgart.

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