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Eden Awnings: Night Fright

Joelle wiped her forehead as she looked at the boxes cluttering the living room floor. After hauling the boxes inside, her mother had gone to find some ready-made food at the local grocery store. This left Joelle with the job of putting boxes in the appropriate rooms. The job itself was not physically difficult, Joelle was built like her father not like her willowy mother, but Joelle felt the effects of losing her breakfast and not having lunch. As a result, she felt a bit shaky and had decided to simply open boxes holding dishes and silverware.

Joelle looked at her watch. It was almost six.

“Where is she?” Joelle walked over to the front door. After a momentary pause, she opened it. No car in the driveway, just then, it dawned on her. Her mother had to walk to the store, of course it would take longer.

As Joelle turned to renter the house, movement caught her eye. She turned but there was no one outside. “Weird.” She murmured. Joelle waited a few more minutes but there was no more movement. Chills crept up her arms and she suddenly felt very exposed. Joelle quickly entered the house, locking the door behind her.

She went back to the half-unpacked boxes but didn’t touch them. Something didn’t feel right but Joelle couldn’t put her finger on it. She moved to continue unpacking the boxes when a noise sounded from the back of the house. Joelle’s heart stopped for a beat and then sped up. Her hands shook as she looked for a weapon. Deciding on a steak knife, Joelle began to move towards the kitchen. She steeled herself as she rounded the corner.

There was nothing save a few packed boxes. Suddenly, a gust of wind caused the blinds to rattle. Joelle shook her head over her paranoia. She closed the window and returned to the living room. She continued to unpack the boxes but felt as if something was watching. Joelle saw nobody but the feeling persisted.

Suddenly, the front door banged open, startling Joelle to her feet. In walked her mother holding a box of groceries and a huge smile upon her face.

“I have good news!” She exclaimed. “I’ll tell you over supper.”

Once the microwave meals were done and Joelle was half way through eating her portion, Moka shared her good news.

“As I was at the store, a large man introduced himself as a restaurant owner in Eden Awnings. He was looking for a replacement and asked if I was interested.” Joelle’s mother put a hand on her chest and batted her eyes before continuing. “Anyway, I said that I had a teenage daughter who might be interested in a job. He has asked us to come over tomorrow! Isn’t that great?”

Joelle felt the dread rise up in her and threaten to consume her ability to speak. “I don’t know if I’m ready for a job.” She managed to croak out.

Moka looked at her daughter, confusion reigning in her dark eyes. “But this is a new town! It is a fresh start for us, Joelle. You don’t have to worry about what happened in the past.” She waved a perfectly manicured hand in the air. “I already said we’ll be there tomorrow.”

“Alright, alright!” Joelle put her hands up in surrender. “I’ll go to the place tomorrow but no promises.”

At this response, her mother looked content but one thing still gnawed at Joelle. “Did you get the name of the man or anything?” She asked her mom.

“Oh yes!” Moka scrunched her nose as she tried to remember. “The man’s name was Waters. Yes, Mr. T. Waters and he owns Mermaids & Motors.”

The strange name gave Joelle pause but her head was feeling increasingly light. “I’m going to go to bed.” She told her mother and rose to her feet. Moka nodded absent-mindedly as Joelle quickly walked to her new room.

Her room was full of boxes yet to be unpacked but she had managed to find her bed clothes and something to wear for tomorrow. The curtains hadn’t been put up yet but Joelle didn’t care. One night without curtains wouldn’t hurt. She slipped in between the sheets, still in her clothes.

Joelle sighed, finally feeling relaxed. The fuzzy feeling of falling asleep was creeping into her mind when Joelle glanced at her windows and froze. There, on her window ledge, sat a figure. Joelle watched as the figure rose up to its full height and opened the window. Her brain raced with the thought to run but Joelle remained still. The shadowy figure moved into her room and crept toward the bed. Red spheres glowed in the dark room, slowly approaching her with silent steps.

Joelle reached up on the wall, unsure of what to do. The figure continued its approach when suddenly, Joelle felt the light switch. She turned it on and the figure vanished. Now, her hands shook as she searched her room for the intruder but there was no sign of anyone else in her room. Even the window was shut and she couldn’t see anyone on the street below.

Joelle looked to the house across the street and shivered. During the day, it had looked like any other house on the street but now, it felt different. She turned from the window after checking it twice to make sure it was locked and secure. Curling back into bed, Joelle left the light on. She wasn’t scared of whatever she saw. Oh no, Joelle shook with terror. At the same time, Joelle had a job interview in the morning that she needed sleep for. Thinking back to her other job interviews, she grimaced. Maybe this time she wouldn’t mess it up.

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