21 Monsters of Ursa?

In a fantasy world, you cannot not have monsters! This is a list of the 21 Monsters of Ursa. I didn’t go into as much depth as I did with the races of Ursa (which you can find here: ) but there are some variations to some of the monsters that I touch on.

That is enough of me being all nerdy, I hope you enjoy reading about the 21 monsters of Ursa!


Monsters were not made of the Creator. They lacked any shred of goodness but were filled with a desire to maim and kill. Monsters were made by the evil servant who absorbed most of Galo’s power, nearly killing Galo.

Not much is known about the beasts. They can think for themselves and do not like being given orders by the evil servant. There are both males and females of most monsters and there are 21 types of monsters in Ursa.

Every millennium there is an event called the time of monsters. During this, monsters pour out of a certain place in greater numbers than usual. They ravage all the lands until a band of heroes kills them. The time of monsters is a cyclical event that cannot be stopped by any of the races.


The Acheri takes the form of a child. It has dark, void-like eyes. They live in the mountains and hills and come down at night to bring sickness to both the young and old. Acheri looks like an emancipated child with long claws from their fingers. Some say children can become Acheri if they are attacked and left to die in the hills.


Banshees have an unnaturally tall and pale form. They are clothed in green or red with long, dark hair. The wail of a banshee can be heard only by the person they hunt. Their wail produces unending fear within their victim. No one knows how the banshee kills their victim but within a day of hearing the wail, the person is found dead.

Black Dog

Black dogs are a type of shapeshifter. They have both a humanoid and a dog form. They track down their victims in either form but will always turn into a huge black hound to attack. The black dog is twice the size of a usual hound and is closely related to the werewolf and the hell hound. It is said that being bitten by a black dog poisons the victim and their blood turns black.


Centaurs are half human-like and half horse. They are equipped with armour and a bow that shoots poison arrows. They can be found on the plains at night. The sound of their hooves instills people with an unrelenting feeling of horror. They do not target a certain person but rather kill anyone in their path.


Chimera has a head and body of a lion and another head of a goat with the tail of a serpent.  The goat head and lion head breath fire while the snakehead breathes a flammable toxic gas and has a venomous bite. It lives underground in a series of tunnels. It kills anything on sight and feasts on its corpse.


The most dangerous shapeshifter to walk on Ursa. It can turn into anyone and know all their memories and secrets. Changelings are sometimes thought to be these monsters but doppelgangers have an unending need for death. Not much is known about doppelgangers but no one has ever seen its real form.


There are multiple types of dryads but all live in trees. They are slightly more peaceful than most monsters but still live for the hunt. They frequently prey upon elves but will sometimes snatch travellers going through the forest. Dryads take the form of a beautiful woman and lead many to their demise.


Goji has a long neck with veiny bat wings. They fly throughout both the night and day and can camouflage themselves to turn nearly invisible. The goji breathe fire on houses or fields and pick off a victim to take back to their nest in the trees.


Harpies have brightly coloured wings and scaly bodies with human heads and bird’s feet. They are said to faster than birds. They will destroy anything they find in the air. This made air travel impossible. They are like the goji but have a call of a siren.


Hellhounds are said to be the pets of the evil servant. Their bite feels like you are being set on fire. The hellhound is closely related to the werewolf and the black dog but is known as the king of monsters. It has glowing eyes and black fur. They are said to be able to appear in the rooms of their victims and have the ability to talk with people.


Imps are short, ugly creatures. They are not very dangerous on their own but they have a cunning intellect. They are known to create elaborate traps to capture their victims. Imps also will work with other monsters to catch a greater amount of people. They stand at exactly 3 feet tall but no one knows exactly how they look due to their incredible speed.


This monster has the body of a tiger, the horns of a goat and the tusks of a boar. They have a human face that is perpetually frozen in terror. Their mouth has three rows of razor-sharp teeth. Mantygers have a roar that causes paralysis in all who hear it. They are related to the sphinx of the plains while they live in the forests.


A monster that lives in the water. Sirens, also known as mermaids are male and female humanoids with the lower half of their bodies being fishtails. Their song calls people of the opposite gender (male siren calls a female person) to their doom in a watery grave. They are a great annoyance for sailors. There is a land dwelling version of this monster called a Valkron.


Ogres are tall, burly monsters with a humanoid appearance. They have a voracious appetite and hunt very often to satisfy their hunger. Ogres are said to have been overlords of some villages where the villagers gave their best animals every full moon to the ogre overlords. No one knows where these villages are but the rumour still remains.


Phoenix is known to be an immortal monster that can only be trapped but never truly dies. They have plumage the colour fire (blue, violet, green, orange, red and sometimes a void-like black) which makes them easy to spot. They do not usually hunt people but are curious and set villages on fire which causes the death of many.


Selkiemores are known as the monster of the deep. They eat plankton but are so huge that they will sometimes swallow entire ships. They look like giant reptilian creatures with a thousand teeth. The selkiemore has a long memory and will exact vengeance on any who hurt it.


Sphinx had the body of a lion and the head of a man or woman. They were related to the mantyger. Unlike the mantyger, sphinxes could speak and were cunning monsters. They enjoyed toying with their victims and would give difficult riddles. If their victims could solve the riddle correctly, the sphinxes would let them free.


The vampire is a pale humanoid monster that feeds on the blood of anything living. They hate the light and live in dark caves. Vampires have been known to hunt other monsters but they normally feed on people. They have a very sensitive sense of smell and will only feed on healthy people and animals. Their bite does infect people with large doses of tainted power but nothing else.


The Vilkon looks like a horse with three horns on its head. It has white eyes and the teeth of a carnivore. They have a shrill whiny that can cause deafness for people that are within 100 feet of it. They live on the plains and their saliva sends people into a comatose state.


Wendigos are dark humanoid creatures with spider-like arms and legs. They are related to the acheri but will drag their living prey off to their nests. They have a yowl that sounds like a cat. Some people believe the wendigo can shapeshift into a cat but no evidence supports this.


Werewolves are another shapeshifter that relates to the black dog and hellhound. They have a humanoid shape and a wolf shape. In their humanoid shape, they have sharpened fangs and yellow eyes. As wolves, their eyes shine an unsettling green and their howl can cause heart attacks in their victims.

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