Welcome to Eden Awnings: The Move! It is the first of the Eden Awnings Serial but don’t worry I will still write other short stories. If you are interested in other short stories then you find them in the index here: https://www.victoriamayburybooks.ca/2020/06/24/website-index-to-find-anything/. I have been so excited to share this serial with you! It has been so fun to play with different fairytale characters and mythological creatures. Does that interest you? Then you’d best get to the story!

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Eden Awnings: The Move

Joelle looked at her beige room. The four walls were clear of all the photos they once held. She looked around the room and sighed. The silent emptiness was crushing. Joelle brushed back her blonde hair. She understood they needed to move due to her dad’s job but she wanted to stay. The girl looked at the last brown box in the room and shook her head.

“Don’t be selfish, J.” She murmured to herself as she bent to pick up the box. She plodded down the stairs to the waiting car. Joelle slid the half empty box into place and closed the trunk. The sound felt definite as if there was no turning back now. She could only move forward.

The screen door squeaked open and Joelle turned to see her parents exiting their old home. Her mother gave her a sad smile and pulled her in for a hug.

“I know this is hard, honey. This is your first ever move, it is ok to be scared.” Her mother gave Joelle’s arm a final squeeze before slipping into the front seat by her father.  Her father, who still looked like the football player he’d been in university, poked his head out the driver’s window.

“You coming, Joel?” He asked in a teasing tone.

Joelle forced a smile as she slipped into the car. “It is Joelle, dad.”

“Joelle-dad? Now, that is an interesting name. I–“

Joelle playfully punched his arm. “Oh, you know what I mean!”

Her father chuckled as he put the car into drive. “My oh my! I think she got that temper from you, Moka.”

Her mother, Moka, laughed as the wind whipped her dark hair. “Well, Andrew, it made you fall in love with me. Didn’t it?”

“You’re right about that, my dear.” Joelle averted her gaze from her parents’ conversation and loving faces. It grossed her out, the whole love thing. She was more than comfortable just being by herself. It was easier that way.

Joelle looked out the window as they left the city that held her childhood. The car rolled to a stop at a light. Meanwhile, chills began to crawl up Joelle’s spine as she looked out her window. There stood that house. It hadn’t changed in all the years; everything looked the same as it had. Her chest tightened painfully as her mind was overtaken by images of that house. Joelle grasped at her chest; it was too tight. She couldn’t breathe. Her hands shook as her mind whirled. Joelle closed her eyes but it only made it worse.

Suddenly, the car jerked forward. As a result, Joelle slipped in the backseat, her face smacking into the back of her mother’s chair.

“I’m so sorry, honey.” Her mother’s voice with an accent like honey slowly filled Joelle’s head. “I forgot that house was on the way, I would have warned you.”

“Are you alright, J?” Her father’s deep, worried voice entered her consciousness, causing Joelle’s fears to dissipate.

Once she had caught her breath, Joelle smiled at her father. She focused on how the sun made his hair look like white fire instead of looking him in the eye. “Yes, I’m alright.” She paused for a second, scrambling for something else to reassure them. “I guess this move might do us all some good.”

Her mother smiled. “Of course! We are going upward and onward!” Her father dimpled and began to maneuver the car once again into the stream of traffic.

Her parents had calmed down on the other hand, Joelle had not. She turned back to the window as she heard her mother rummage around the glove box. The soothing dark tune of the moonlight sonata soon filled the car. The houses grew grander as they left the city until there was nothing but farmland. Joelle’s eyes began to feel heavy as Mozart’s pieces performed their magic. Soon, she fell asleep as the tunes lulled her into dreamland.

When Joelle opened her eyes, the sun was nearing the western horizon. She turned to sleepily look out of the window as their car rolled up to a fast food place.

“Hey, J, you’re up.” Her father smiled at her. “Do you want to do drive thru or dine in? Your choice, after all we are dragging you to a new place.”

Joelle forced another smile. She wanted to just do drive thru but her body begged the differ.

“I need to use the ladies’ room. Why don’t we just dine in?” Joelle waited for her father to pull into a parking space. Once her mother was out of the car, Joelle unlocked and opened her own door. She smiled at her mother. “Shall we?” She gestured to the restaurant.

Moka looked at her worriedly. “Do you want me to come to the bathroom with you?” Joelle pulled her shoulders back and straightened to her full five feet eleven inches.

“I’ll be fine, Mom but do you mind ordering for me? I’ll just have the regular.” Joelle moved towards the bathroom. She was certainly able to go to the bathroom by herself. She looked behind her and saw her parents scanning the menu as they waited to order. Joelle turned back to her task at hand. She passed the family one and then the mens’ room. She clenched her fists more tightly.

“Come on, J. You can do this, just five more steps.” Joelle begged herself to move faster but she moved slowly with every hair on end. Finally, she was at the door. Slowly, she opened the door and sighed to her relief. It was a one-person bathroom.

 Soon, Joelle joined her parents and looked at the burger before scarfing it down.

“Joelle,” her father began. Joelle froze, it was never a good sign when her father used her full name.

He leaned closer before continuing. “I just got a call from Mr. Hammett. He wants me to start as soon as we get in tomorrow. I know I promised you that I’d give you a tour of the town but I’ll need a rain check.” He looked apologetically at his daughter.

Joelle nodded in an understanding manner even as her hopes were once again dashed to pieces. “It is ok, Dad. Mom and I can unpack. I might just make your office into my closet.” She smiled teasingly, hoping to defuse the situation.

It worked and soon her father barked in hearty laughter.

“I suppose I deserve that.” He replied, wiping the tears away. “I mean one dresser drawer of clothes doesn’t take too much space.” Joelle pulled a face but she jammed her fries into her mouth. She was tired and had had enough of her father’s witty banter.

Her mother yawned and stretched sleepily. “I suppose we should get checked in for the night. Tomorrow, we see our new home in Eden Awnings!” She clapped her hands excitedly like a child.

Joelle nodded, taking a sip of her pop. Apprehension filled her about what she would see tomorrow but she tried to stay calm in front of her parents. What would she find in that town?

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