Pockets Needed

I enjoy wearing dresses and skirts but, I hate not having pockets. You would think that by 2020 we would have pockets in all articles of women’s clothing. You would think that to be the case but no. We still only have faux pockets or those crazy half pockets in jeans. Well, I know I will no longer stand for that (in fact I’m sitting as I write this). I believe that pockets are needed. To deal with that, I have decided to put pockets in all of my skirts. Join me on this harrowing adventure as I change women’s fashion one stitch at a time.

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The Harrowing Sewing Adventure of Pockets

If you are going to sew, you need material. I already had the skirts made but I didn’t have any leftover material for pockets. Instead of going out to buy some new cloth, I decided to upcycle some old leggings I had. They were worn beyond repair in certain spots but I kept them instead of tossing them. I knew there was something I could do with them.

The leggings didn’t match the pockets but that was ok.

Harrowing Sewing Adventure of Pockets
Leggings didn’t match the skirts

I used the length of my foot as a measure for cutting the old leggings. It gave me some nicely sized pockets that I could stuff a lot of thing into as needed (including my phone!).

Harrowing Sewing Adventure of Pockets
Big Pockets For The WIn!

After that, I sewed the one side of the pockets (remember the pockets are big tubes and one side you will put things in so the other side has to be sewn shut). I measured the diameter of the open side of the pockets. I wrote down the measurement. (The diameter is the length of the skirt you will have to open.) I decided to start the pockets about 4 inches below the waistband. (Make sure to open up the skirt at the seams. It makes it look nicer and is easier.) I started opening the skirt with my stitch ripper until I had a wide enough opening for the pocket.

Harrowing Sewing Adventure of Pockets
This is Herman, the stitch ripper!

Turn your pocket inside so the right side of the fabric is the inside of the pocket. Put it in the hole in the skirt so the opening pokes out of the pocket.

Harrowing Sewing Adventure of Pockets
Ready to be pinned down!

Pin the pocket to the inside of the skirt’s hole (this is very important if you want a smooth looking pocket). Stitch it and there you have it! One pocket done and many more to complete (at least in my case).

Harrowing Sewing Adventure of Pockets
What a lovely pocket!

Thank you

That is all for a harrowing sewing adventure involving pockets. I hope this brought a smile to your face as you read it. The first part was a bit satirical and I was not trying to say that you should put pockets in all your clothes. Do that if you want to but if not, it is your wardrobe and not mine. If you have any other ideas that you want me to try out, please contact me at one of the social media links below. Thank you for reading, happy sewing.

Victoria R. Maybury

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