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Mages were the most elegant of the races. They had a tall, slim build and an attitude of being the best. Mages had a human-like form but were never thought to be burly as humans can be.

They were very uniform in their appearance. All possed silver hair and amber eyes. They were blessed with the special ability to manipulate objects at will. This led them to feel superior to other races.

Mages had a long lifespan, living up to 150 years. They were thought to be the tallest race with their height reaching up to 6’8”.

Since they were so tall and slim, many races thought they ate nothing but absorbed nutrients some other way. Unfortunately, that was just a myth. Mages did enjoy eating but they had a very sensitive palate. Their palate was so sensitive that even eating the wrong sorts of food could cause them to go into anaphylactic shock.

Mages were able to live anywhere they wished on the continent. Rarely were they seen on islands mostly due to the fact they got seasick quite easily.

Mages were very interested in both using dormant powers and science. They worked on ways they could combine both the mystical dormant powers and science to create something stronger.

Opinions and Prejudices People Have About Mages

Mages were known for their achievements in the realms of science and dormant powers. This led many into thinking that mages were smarter than any other race. It became such a popular belief that when mages went out into the world, they would be bombarded with questions. Such treatment caused mages’ egos to grow to gargantuan size.

They were perceived as very snooty and egotistical. Mages kept very careful records of birthrights and family lines. Other races thought of them to be very controlling due to their careful records and since they would not intermarry with other races.

Elves hated mages for trying to take away what they believed was rightfully theirs. Mages were known to always keep their best discoveries to themselves. What mages would give to other races was normally second hand and kept the best for themselves.


Nekos are the strangest looking of all the races. They possess a human-like form but have cat-like eyes along with a tail and an extra set of ears.

Nekos are like humans when it comes to lifespan and usually don’t make it past the age of 90. They are shorter than humans on average. Nekos’ height range is from 5’2” to 6’2”.

Unlike humans, they have hair and fur. Nekos’ fur covers their tail and cat ears while they have hair like a human. Their fur is a natural cat colour while a nekos’ hair and eyes can be any colour.

They live in tribes close to bodies of water. Nekos were blessed with the abilities of enhanced hearing and vision along with better reflexes and flexibility. They are a tight-knit race and normally only trust their own kind.

Nekos care not about science but attempt to live peaceful lives on the islands of Traiton and Svadfolis. They love all things to do with water and are expert sailors. They enjoy most foods but seafood is a favourite among the race.

Opinions and Prejudices People Have About Nekos

Nekos are not looked upon favourably by other races. They were cast out by the mages and humans and have no country of their own.

Due to their cat ears and tail, many people believed them to be demi-humans or even abominations. They were used as thieves and assassins by most countries which caused more people to hate them.

Nekos were thought of as worthless to most races. They were run out of many countries because of the belief that they would bring the monsters. This has caused a rift between Nekos and the other races.


The unworthy, also known as half-bloods or abominations depending on the country, was not a race. They were the mixture of different races that were unwanted by their own kind.

Half-bloods were anyone who was a mix of two races, eg mage and human, elf and neko. For some races, even being a mix of two skin colours was enough to make you a half-blood.

Abominations were not liked by any race thus the name. There were a few advantages to being mixed. Many half-bloods had multiple dormant powers or had racial powers from both races. This caused them to be feared for being strong but only increased the violence against them.

Only half-bloods of separate races could have multiple dormant powers. If the person was called a half-blood due to a mixing of skin colour, they were the same as anyone else from that race.

Prejudices and Opinions People Have About Unworthy

People feared the unworthy and would say they were monsters. Some went so far as to say that the unworthy were evil incarnate.

Most believed that though they weren’t evil incarnate, they still weren’t natural and should be exterminated. Few people would protect half-bloods and many countries had laws against procreating with someone outside of your own race.

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