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The golden griffins were the easiest race to spot due to their matching golden hair and eyes. They enjoyed living close to the outskirts of town where they could more easily spread their wings. They left the island to find their own place in the mountains. There they could fly whenever they wished.

They were a solitary race and would live in small families or sometimes alone. Rarely did they come down from their homes in the mountains. Griffins had a wild look about them that made most other races fear them.

They were one of the tallest races with a height range from 5’11” to 6’8”. Griffins naturally looked like athletes with their strong and limber bodies. They were blessed with quick healing time and could live up to 180 years.

The Creator blessed them with two bodies. Griffins had a human-like body and the body of a griffin. They could instantaneously turn from one to the other and back. They could communicate with their own race in griffin form but other races can only hear the squawks.

Not much is known of the griffins but many races are afraid of them. The other races try to appease griffins and hold them to an almost god-like level of respect.

Opinions and Prejudices People Have About Griffins

As time wore on, griffins began to isolate themselves in the mountains. They would only go to a small village to get what few supplies they needed. This isolation made them a myth to most races.

Most believed that griffins had died out or never existed. This caused more griffins to be killed when in griffins form because people thought they were monsters. Others would hunt the race as an act of bravery.

The few who believed them to exist thought they were slave owners. They believed that a griffin in its human form was a slave to the griffins, sent to gather supplies. Others thought they were the ones running the slave trade because they could transport their cargo in griffin form.

Griffins were believed to be the strongest race due to their physique. People also thought they were adept with all weapons and fighting styles.

Some would tell their kids that griffins were cannibalistic monsters who would steal the kid that wander too far. This warning also influenced the slave owner thought. Some thought they used their slaves as fodder in the wintertime if the food was scarce.


Humans were the most average of all of the six races. They were not the strongest or the fastest. Humans could not shapeshift or see in the dark. They were simply average.

The Creator had not blessed them with any special abilities or racial powers as they were commonly called. He did give them an advantage that was not thought of as a racial power. The Creator gave them the ability to adapt to any climate.

Humans could live in any type of climate from blistering cold to scorching hot. They were best suited to live anywhere they pleased. There was an offshoot of humans that were blessed by the Creator to have a certain uniqueness. They were given the abilities like a wolf.

The group of humans soon called themselves, Wulfenkund which meant wolf-like or wolf kind. They are not to be confused with the monster, werewolf. Wulfenkund was faster and stronger than other humans but they were still human.

Unlike other races, not all humans were given a dormant power. These humans were thought of as freaks of nature and were looked down upon. Humans were very interested in science but were not as skilled as their mage counterparts.

Humans had natural eye and hair colours for the most part. Few humans were born with red eyes. The ones with red eyes normally originated from northern Dasica and were thought to be good luck. They have an average age range (70-90 years) and a height range (5’5” – 6’4”).

Opinions and Prejudices People Have About Humans

The other races never knew what to think about humans. Mages thought them to be inferior to their race. Mages also have a god complex so that wasn’t anything unusual. Most thought of humans to be greedy for power and bloodthirsty.

In the past, humans were revered by some due to their courageous acts. They were known for their bold and brave moves on the battlefield. Some believed humans had certain foolishness about them and would rush into a fight.

Humans were thought to be very harsh towards nekos and changelings. They were the first to create hunting parties to track down the other races. Humans were feared for their thirst for war and held sway over the other races.

At the same time, some races believed humans to be weak. They were thought to be weak-minded and physically weak. Some likened humans to a child with a dangerous weapon. Humans were just as likely to harm themselves than harm another race.

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