Hello and welcome to another short story set in the world of Fire & Ice, Paola’s Childhood Part One. Paola’s Childhood follows a young Paola. Though this story is set in the same world as my book series, it happens at a different time.

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I hope you like Paola’s Childhood Part One

Paola’s Childhood Part One

Paola looked up at the blue sky as she lay on top of the canopy. It was a beautiful day in the forest. A bird landed on her head and Paola covered her mouth to smother her giggle. It was no use and soon her silvery laugh floated along the wind currents.

There was a rustle from below and there was an explosion of leaves.

“Found you!” Cried another young she-elf. The little elf climbed up on top of the canopy. She flopped on her belly, her green eyes shining brightly in contrast with her coffee skin. “You aren’t supposed to laugh when we are playing hide and seek, amiga.”

Paola rolled her eyes, “If you had been here, Liliana, you would have heard the bird’s silly remark.”

Liliana poked Paola. “You know I can’t hear animals, Paola.” She reminded her friend. “But I can make the plants grow faster. I am the next jefe, you know.”

“I’m not following a silly seven-year-old. Once you’re nine, then I’ll think about it.” Paola sat up, causing the bird to hop off her forehead and to the side. The bird then gave her a nasty look that sent her into another fit of giggles.

Liliana ignored her as she flopped on to her back. “After tomorrow, that will be two whole years. I don’t want to wait.” She whined as she turned her big green eyes on her friend.

Paola, who had always been weak against Liliana’s puppy dog eyes, sighed.

“Fine,” She relented, “I will serve you, your highness.” She gave a mock bow to her friend.

The two of them stared at each other for a moment before bursting into more giggles. There was a sharp whistle that blew three times. Once it blew a long blast and twice a short one. The girls sighed and began to climb down from their perch.

“I’ll see you tomorrow?” Liliana asked her older friend. Paola smiled.

“I wouldn’t miss your birthday for the world. Even if you are two years younger than me.” Paola poked the smaller she-elf playfully.

Liliana wrinkled her nose as she jumped away from Paola. “Stop tickling me!” She giggled. “I command you, as your jefe!”

Paola jumped towards her friend about to tickle her more when a voice rang out.

“Now what are you two girls doing all the way up here?” A deep voice asked.

Paola looked up and beamed to see her father. She ran and jumped into his arms.

“Are you and the jefe back already, papa?” Paola looked deep within her father’s violet eyes and saw nothing but happiness.

“Yes, chica, we’re back. Everything went according to plan. The dryads won’t come close to our side of the forest with the new walls.” His deep voice vibrated through Paola, making her feel calm again. “How about we get jefe Liliana home, eh?”

Paola nodded and slipped down to the wooden platform where they all stood. The trees where the elves lived were full of wooden platforms and bridges connecting them. The platforms were placed at all levels on the trees making multiple levels for elves to use.

They also would walk on the ground and had buildings of all sorts at the base of the trees. The elves tried to not spread their cities very far in any one direction least some other races find them. Even in the dense vegetation of the Mourning Forest, they built up and not out.

Paola watched elves use the pulley systems to move to a higher level and grinned. She loved their city and wished to never leave. She thought about how the world looked outside of the forest and shivered. Who would ever want to leave the forest? She thought to herself. I know I never will.

The three of them traipsed through the city until finally arriving at the Jefe’s house. Unlike most buildings that were built in the branches or at the base of the trees, the Jefe’s house was the tree.

When the first elves had travelled from Werstrom to the continent, they had hollowed out a tree. That tree was the first home tree and now served as the Jefe’s house. There were other home trees, one in each city, but they paled in comparison to the first home tree.

The Jefe’s house was filled with carvings both inside and out. The carvings were the way the first elves kept their history. Each carving told a unique story. These stories were now known by all elves but the carvings remained as a warning to not follow in their ancestors’ footsteps.

Paola and Liliana hugged goodbye even though they would see each other the next day. Paola and her father began walking back to their own home that was two trees over.

“Have you gotten her a present, chica?” Her father’s deep voice rumbled like an approaching storm. Paola shrugged and looked at her father.

“How am I supposed to find a present for a girl who owns everything, papa?” She asked, worrying her bottom lip.

“She does not own everything, Paola. You do need to get her a present. It would be dishonouring to not give the future jefe something. It would be hurtful to not get your friend a gift.” He placed a hand on his daughter’s shoulder. “Think about what she likes, maybe that will give you some inspiration.”

Paola mulled over different options as they neared their little home. As her father unlocked the door, she finally had an idea.

“Papa?” She asked hesitantly. He turned to her and raised a green eyebrow. She took a calming breath and blurted it out. “Could we get her a parrot?”

Her father chuckled and shook his head.

“Oh, chica, my adorable little girl. If you had thought of this before I had left, I could’ve brought one back with me.” He turned to the kitchen cupboard and began to pull out the ingredients for a simple meal. “Why don’t you go and wash up for dinner? Maybe some food will get the creativity flowing.”

Paola turned to the bathroom but stopped. She saw a tiny glint from her father’s cloak and bent down to take a closer look. She grabbed the shiny thing and carefully pulled it from the cloak. It was a beautiful and shiny crystal.

Paola turned to see her father busy with supper and quickly pocketed the crystal. She went to the bathroom with a huge smile tugging the corners of her mouth. This was the present fit for her friend.


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