If you have read, Fire & Ice, you would know that Ursa has a different races. There are actually six races of Ursa! In the next three lore posts, I will be going over them in some detail. If you are unfamiliar with Ursa’s lore, you can check out these two posts: https://www.victoriamayburybooks.ca/2020/06/26/the-beginning-of-ursa/ https://www.victoriamayburybooks.ca/2020/07/24/the-dormant-powers-of-ursa/

I hope you enjoy the races of Ursa part 1!

Races of Ursa Part 1


The Creator created six races to share the world equally. To each race, different strengths and weaknesses were given but all races shared in dormant powers.

At first, the races grew together as a strong nation speaking one language on the island of Svadfolis. As time moved on, strife and hatred grew between the races. Some set off on their own to find their own lands.

As the millennia passed, the memories of cohabitating with other races died. Now, humans desire to reign over the continent and destroy all who oppose them. This greed has caused strife not only with other races but within the human rulers as well. Some rulers wish to live at peace with one another while others desire war.

Some races are all but extinct from the actions of the other races. Others are looked down upon as less than their counterparts. All six races do still exist but the tension between their kinds is high.

Changelings of Ursa

Changelings were the most despised of the six races for their lack of humanlike appearance. They have scaly skin like a lizard and are very bulky on average. In their true reptilian-like form, they have slightly pointed ears, green reptilian eyes and long, sharp, retractable claws.

They vary greatly in their height from 5’ 1” to 6’ 7”. Changelings were blessed with an extremely long lifespan averaging from 150-170 years. They live in warmer climates and regions but can survive in colder climates as well. They have a very slow healing process but their scaly, outer skin helps protect them from most nicks.

Changelings were given the special ability to shapeshift into whatever form they desire. Their ability ranges for both living things and non-living things. They can change into whatever they want as long as it existed somewhere in time. When they shift shape, their eyes always turn back to their green reptilian eyes for a few seconds.

Opinions and Prejudices People Have about Changelings

The changelings were not like by the other races and were the first race to leave. They were called two-faced because they could be anybody. They were thought of to be liars or spies because they could infiltrate any building with ease.

Changelings were persecuted everywhere they went. Finally, they were able to set up their own country called Stolor. They were also allowed to live as they wish on the island of Traiton where mostly criminals lived.

Changelings were hunted for sport. When captured, they were used for all manner of entertainment. Many stories circulated Ursa about the dangerous changelings. The stories caused people to think of them as monsters and were used as warnings for bad kids.

A typical warning for a child with bad behaviour:

“Keep that up and we’ll send you to the monster.” Or “Changelings take bad kids away, nobody ever hears from those kids again.”

Elves of Ursa

Elves were the most recluse of all the races. They would rather be alone in the wild than deal with the goings-on of their neighbours. Elves were known by their short, slim stature, vivid eye colours and extremely pointed ears.

The tallest elf recorded was 5’7”. Their average height ranges from 4’5” to 5’5”. Elves have green hair that can be of all shades. Old elves sometimes have streaks of brown in their hair. Whether or not the brown is from mud is unknown.

Their eyes are said to be only of the most vivid and brilliant colours. Their eye colour can be pink, violet or green but some have a rare orange-gold colour. The orange colour is called the tiger stripe because of the streaks of gold found in the iris. Some elves are clear-eyed but that only comes from a traumatic event.

Elves live in tribes in the forests of the continent and every island with more than a few trees. Many live in the country, Iodroyque (or Iodro for short). There they live in near-constant war with the mages who live in the plains.

Elves were blessed with the ability to have enhanced hearing. Some say they can hear a pin drop on a battlefield. They were also blessed with the ability to communicate with nature, either fauna or flora. Few can heal plants.

Opinions and Prejudices People Have About Elves

There has been a feud between elves and mages for millennia. The reason for it is unknown, but there are many theories about it. Mages hate them for living in the forest on their land and for only using their dormant powers.

Many people believe elves use only their dormant powers because they are too dumb to understand science. They are thought of as the dumb blonde in our world. They are beautiful but don’t understand complex things.

Others think elves are hermits that care only about nature. Some have even gone so far as to say they are solitary from their own race as well. While not thought to be the same as monsters like changelings, many fear elves because they do not know much about them.

People, mostly mages, say that they are ruthless and will kill any outsider on sight. Elves are feared because they are mysterious. They aren’t normally used as warnings to children but girls are told to not wander too close to the forest.

Few people believe that elves can tunnel underground and pop up anywhere they please. The reason for this belief is most likely based on elves’ short stature and their quiet demeanour.  Elves are known to be the pinnacle of beauty. Most races do not attempt to look like them for fear the elves will think they mock them.

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