I hope you are enjoying the Words Unsaid short story. I’m sad to say that this is the very last installment of the story. Maybe someday, I’ll continue it as a novel but no promises. Today’s post is Words Unsaid Part 6. Feel free to comment your thoughts below!

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Words Unsaid Part 6 starts with Sara in an unusual place. Hope you enjoy!

Words Unsaid Part 6

Sara felt like she was floating through a mist, not a physical mist but a mental one. She reached out her arms and attempted to change her direction but her course stayed the same. She heard a voice calling her name.

“Sara!” It called. The voice repeated her name, getting louder each time.

Sara felt herself stop by a rock. She reached to climb out of the mist but now her body wouldn’t move. Slowly, a figure appeared through the mist. The figure brought its face close to her’s.

“Dad?” She gasped, astonished at seeing her dead father. Her father smiled warmly.

“Yes, it is I.” His smile vanished as he continued. “Oh, my dear, I’m so very sorry that we kept who you are from you. We just wanted what was best for you.”

“I understand, Dad.” Sara blinked back her tears. “I’m just so scared.”

“Close your eyes, and focus on what you want to happen.” Her father instructed. “Never forget that your mother and I are here for you.”

Sara did as instructed, focusing on one word: escape.

Slowly, she opened her eyes. The sun was so bright, causing her to squint. Sara realized she was being held. An awful keening sound emanated from all around her.

She struggled to get out of the arms that held her. As she struggled, Sara began to feel a falling sensation. Suddenly, she felt the muddy ground beneath her cheek as her head filled with a relentless headache.

There was the sound of footsteps and a familiar voice.

“Sara! Sara!” She was being shaken as the voice still called out. “Sara, come on, wake up! I can’t carry you.”

She opened her eyes again and saw a pair of blueberry eyes staring back. She groaned and held her head.

“It hurts.” She whimpered as she looked at Caleb.

He nodded and smiled piteously. “It always does the first few times, come on. You distracted the mercenaries for now but it won’t last.” He grunted out the last few words and Sara pulled away.

She stood shakily on her feet and gasped at the gash on Caleb’s leg. “Did they…?” She asked softly.

He nodded in response and gestured to her. “Would you help me up? We really need to go.”

Sara held him up and they slowly limped through the forest. Sara hoped they would find shelter but the waning sun told her otherwise. Soon, they had no more light and were forced to stop.

Sara tried to gently set Caleb on the ground but the movement still caused both of them pain. The pair sat in silence, listening for any sound of the mercenaries. Once she was certain they were safe, Sara pulled out the contents in her pocket.

“What is that?” Caleb whispered, looking at the items in her hand.

“A light, knife and food.” She replied, turning on the light. “I never leave home without it.”

“You brought a knife to class?” Caleb rose an eyebrow. “If I didn’t feel like my leg was torn off, I’d say something snappy.”

Despite herself, Sara chuckled. “Well, in that case, I’d suggest you start thinking about something witty to say.”

“And why is that?” Caleb groaned as Sara pulled his injured leg closer to the light.

She looked at him with her face serious. “Because this is going to hurt.”


Caleb leaned his head back on the trunk, panting. The cool sweat still poured off of him. He dared not groan for the sake of Sara. She had already dealt with a very nasty injury on his leg, he didn’t want her to feel more awkward.

You just don’t want to look weak in front of her. He thought accusingly. There was the crunch of leaves underfoot and he looked up to see her coming back from cleaning her knife.

Sara sat down beside Caleb and immediately felt exhausted. She sighed as she thought through the events of her very convoluted day. What had she gotten herself into? She was so deep in thought that she missed what Caleb said.

“I’m sorry?” She asked him.

“It is a camp we’re going to. The camp is run by good people and they help mind readers like us. We can get there tomorrow so we should get some rest.” He turned his tired eyes to her. “Good night.”

She replied in the same manner and soon the two of them were fast asleep beside each other.

The morning started bright and early for the pair. Having eaten the small candy bar the night before, they had nothing to eat but continued onward.

Caleb hoped they would get there before noon but was unsure about where they were. They had left the normal path when they tried to escape the mercenaries. Now, he was only sure that they were headed in the right direction.

The pair walked silently. Not speaking to each other due to exhaustion and the overbearing worry that mercenaries still followed them.

Sara walked until it felt as if her side was on fire. Falling to her knees, she looked at the rich earth underneath them. The brown reminded her of the old leather book. My father’s journal, the one Mom told me not to lose.

“We have to go back.” She told Caleb who had likewise collapsed.

“What?” He gave her a look that screamed: “are you out of your mind?”

“I lost the journal to the mercenaries. I have to get it.” She explained frantically. How could she be so stupid to forget that?

“It is too late, Sara.”

“No, I –“

She was interrupted by a third voice.

“He is right, dear one. It is too late.” The voice came from a woman a few years older than her. The woman was taller and broader than her and had a long brown braid snaking past her waist. “You will be taken to the camp for now. Later, we’ll talk about retrieving the journal. Gentlemen, please help, sir Caleb to the camp.”

The woman helped Sara up as two men took Caleb. “What are you called, dear?” The woman asked her softly.

“Sara. Your name is?” Sara looked expectantly at the woman beside her.

The woman smiled warmly. “Call me, Rue.”


I hope you enjoyed Words Unsaid part 6. The next short story will start in two Fridays’ time. Next Friday, I’ll begin to explore and explain the lore of the six races of Fire & Ice. Please comment or share this with your friends, it really helps to boost my spirits. Thank you for your time!

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