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Also, this is a shout out to two kids who wanted the characters of Ursa to have superpowers. If either of you two are reading this, they will have powers in the next one. Also, keep on reading kids!

Dormant and Tainted Power

In the fantasy world of Ursa, there is no such thing as magic. Instead, there is power kind of like superpowers from the comic books. There are two types of power, dormant and tainted.

When the Creator created the six races to inhabit Ursa, he gave them special abilities. These special abilities are not dormant power but they are called racial power or racial abilities. The Creator also blessed everyone with a dormant power.

The dormant power varied from person to person. Some people never recieved a dormant power and they were thought to be weak or freaks.

When the Creator blessed the six races with dormant power, the evil servant was jealous. The evil servant went to Ursa and attempted to trick the six races. He gave them some of his power that was tainted with evil as was he.

The tainted power brought out the worst in people. It would take their greed or anger and multiply it. The tainted power was addictive to people and they would do anything to get more.

The Dormant Power of Ursa

Dormant power is a power that is outside the rules of science. It cannot be quantified into a simple category. Dormant power is very much its own thing.  People have attempted to study it but even the best researchers know little about it.

Dormant power can be divided into two categories: raw and checked. For both types of dormant power, the actual ability could be anything.

 Checked dormant power was able to be turned off by the person. It was like it had a switch that would allow it to be turned off and on at will.

Raw dormant power was always active once activated. People with raw dormant power normally had to exert additional control as to not harm anyone. Many thought raw dormant power to be the more dangerous of the two.

Dormant power exists in people from the moment of conception. People go through their first decade without being able to use their dormant power. Researchers do know why but many believe it is because the child’s body needs to grow unhindered from dormant power.

When a child reaches its tenth birthday, their dormant power may activate. Not all children’s dormant powers activate at the same time. By the time the child is thirteen, they will have their dormant power activated if they ever had one.

Both raw and checked dormant powers can be depleted. If a person uses too much of their dormant power without resting, they will grow increasingly tired until they go unconscious from the strain.

Like a muscle, dormant power can strengthen over time and can be used for longer times without needing rest.  However, also like a muscle, it can only become so strong. The strength of dormant power differs from person to person but everyone has a limit.

To train one’s dormant power, you need to use it until you feel tired. Don’t deplete your dormant power because it takes longer to strengthen that way and can cause permanent damage to the user.

There are certain herbs and medicine people drink to increase the stamina of their dormant power. This is normally done before a battle. There are rumours of special herbs to increase the strength of one’s dormant power. The rumours have proved to be unfounded so far.  

Some people have multiple dormant powers. Those people have longer stamina due to the fact of having multiple powers. They can use their stamina on one or all of their dormant powers as they wish. People with multiple dormant powers also can use multiple powers at one time. Such people are rare.

Races with racial powers cannot use both a dormant power and racial power at the same time. Racial powers do not require stamina like dormant powers. The racial power can always be used as long as the user is alive.

Dormant power can be dampened by the use of certain minerals found in the mountains. The minerals can either weaken the dormant power or suppress it all together until the mineral is taken away. These minerals are in great demand by certain researchers. There have been studies that suggest the minerals work on monsters too.

The Tainted Power of Ursa

Tainted power also exists outside the rules of science. It was created by the evil servant who was the greatest of all the Kelphers.  It does not have a raw and checked form as dormant power has. Monsters have a type of tainted power that either increases the speed at which the heal or gives them a thicker outer layer as a defence against attackers.

Tainted power, also known as deeper power by some, transforms dormant power. It increases the strength of the dormant power and its stamina.

Tainted power is evil and chaotic just like the evil servant is. It not only changes the dormant power but also the person. It takes all of a person’s worse traits and amplifies them. Once someone has a taste of the tainted power, they always wish for more.

People who have tainted power can be controlled by the evil servant. There is also the thought that too many people with tainted power will attract monsters. Many secret sects use tainted power for their own devices.

All who use it, their hearts darken and they hate all that is good and right. There is no physical tell whether one has used the tainted power. The only tell is their descent into evil.

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