I hope you are enjoying the Words Unsaid short story. I’m sad to say that there are only two more installments of the story after today. Today’s post is Words Unsaid Part 4. Feel free to comment your thoughts below!

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Words Unsaid Part 4 starts with a tense scene in the woods, read to find out what happens. Hope you enjoy!

Words Unsaid Part 4

Sara lay there. Her eyes were full of silent shock. How did they find us? Who are they? Sara watched as Caleb army crawled to an old oak. He rose into a squat and peeked around the trunk.

Sara clenched her hands in fear. She felt the cool squelch of mud beneath her. Pain from her injured side flared through her body. Sara clenched her teeth as a small whimper escaped her.  

Caleb whipped his head around. His black hair flopped over his eyes but was roughly shoved to the side. He pinned Sara with a commanding glare that said. “Don’t make any noise.”

Sara nodded, grinding her teeth together as her pain ebbed and flowed. She looked to the forest floor as silent tears spilled down her cheeks. A twig snapped in the distance. Sara covered her mouth with a muddy hand as she tried to not whimper.

She looked where Caleb squatted behind a tree. Her heartbeat rose in a pounding crescendo as she looked from tree to tree. Caleb had disappeared. Sara felt the cold, icy claws of fear clench her heart.

What should I do? She looked at tree Caleb had been by just minutes before. A cool breeze swept across the forest floor. Sara shivered as she lay on the muddy ground. A certain coolness began to bleed through her shirt.

Whether it was blood or mud, Sara didn’t know. She didn’t dare move in case someone found her. Caleb will come back. She tried to curl into a ball but the movement caused her pain to increase. She gasped softly and clapped her hand over mouth again.

Suddenly, another twig snapped loudly. Sara lay still on the forest floor. Barely breathing as she strained to hear something, anything. A bird squawked and fluttered past Sara. She squinted the way the bird had come and sure enough a figure stood in the shadows.

She rolled onto her stomach as quietly as possible. Sara kept her eye on the shadowy figure and rose to her feet. The pain was enough to make her dizzy as she struggled to just keep her balance.  It was strong enough for her to take her eye off the distant figure.

A glance back told her the figure had disappeared. A shiver racked Sara’s body as she remembered the stories of what happened to mind readers. She set her gaze in front of her.

“I can’t stay here.” She whispered to herself. Sara began the painfully slow process of moving from trunk to trunk. She thought about trying to mentally call Caleb but nixed it.

At least, he could have told her to wait there but he didn’t. All he did was give her a glare when she whimpered from pain. Pain that he caused. At that moment, Sara resolved to no longer have feelings for that man. Besides, even if both of them were mind readers, that was where the similarity ended.

“I don’t need him.” She hissed as she moved to a new tree. Sara stopped to listen to her surroundings. Things were quiet, too quiet. She felt her skin crawl as she checked her surroundings before moving again.

Every step felt like a step closer to death. Every time the leaves rustled, her heart jumped into her throat. Her heart pounded abnormally fast as Sara moved to the next tree.

Maybe it would be useful to have Caleb around. She conceded to herself. Sara shook her head. It is Mr. Griffin. Just Mr. Griffin, I need to distance myself from him asap. She corrected herself.

By the time Sara got to the next tree, the pain had subsided. She smiled and started off to the next tree when she was tackled. I’m dead. She curled her hands into fists. Not dead yet.

Sara barely acknowledged landing back first on the forest floor. She thrashed and blindly threw punches. She felt one punch connect with her attacker. The resounding grunt gave her hope. Not today, I’m going to survive. Her hope was short-lived as the attacker caught her hands.

“Sara! Stop!” A harsh whisper caused her to open her eyes to see a pair of blueberry ones staring back at her. “Is this what you do to most would-be rescuers?”

In other situations, Sara would’ve cracked a smile or responded. In this certain situation, she shot him a blank stare. I won’t fall for him. Caleb, or Mr. Griffin as she determined to call him, cracked a smile.

“I heard that.” He pulled her to her feet as she felt embarrassment flood her cheeks. “Why didn’t you stay put? You gave me a heart attack, running off like that.” He huffed, pushing his wayward hair back.

Sara looked at her feet. “You didn’t tell me to. How was I supposed to know? It isn’t like I can… “ She trailed off realizing her error.

“Like you can read my mind.” He gestured Sara to follow him as he whispered back at her. “You could have at least told me that you were on the move. The exterminators have these specialized helmets.” Mr. Griffin shook his head. “They must think you’re a real threat. I would have to agree.”

Sara barely heard his words as they travelled through denser vegetation.

“Exterminators?” She questioned softly.

He nodded silently and spoke without opening his mouth. “Mercenaries on the M.R.E. payroll. They are a clandestine part of Stolor’s government. Their entire goal is to rid the world of us.” He glanced sorrowfully back at her. “I’m sorry. You are probably still in shock. I’ll tell you more –“

 “Look out!” Sara pushed Caleb down as a sharpened bolt pierced the trunk behind them. Her side screamed at her action but Sara had no time to acknowledge it. She felt herself running behind Caleb as he took them deeper into the thick vegetation.

Sara ran until she could run no more. Caleb seemed to sense that and they slowed to a stop. Sara doubled over, panting.

“I think we lost them.” She felt her wounded side and her hand came away covered with blood and mud.  The ground became blurry as she fell to her knees. Sara heard a voice call her name but there were too many figures around her to see who was calling her. Slowly, everything went black.


I hope you enjoyed Words Unsaid part 4, the next installment will be in two Fridays’ time. Next Friday, I’ll begin to explore the lore of the powers of Ursa. Please comment or share this with your friends, it really helps to boost my spirits. Thank you for your time!

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