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The Creation of the Servants

Before the world called Ursa was, there was One. This One was called the Creator.  All things were made by the Creator.

Before the beginning of Ursa, He made his servants. He made twelve in all but their bodies were not like our bodies. They had bodies made of light and power but could take on a worldly form. They were beautiful like the Creator but their beauty paled in comparison to His.

Out of the twelve, rose three servants who were greater than the rest. The Creator appointed these three as overseers over the rest. The three were named Kelphers (K-el-furs) which meant helpers or important servants. The Kelphers were each given three lesser servants to oversee.

The twelve were blessed with names from the Creator. The weakest Kelpher was named Relo and was given the servants: Tharen, Odes and Lydos. The middle Kelpher was named Xula and was given the servants: Atis, Denos and Admos. The strongest Kelpher was given a name but his deeds caused his name to be lost in time. His servants were: Wozlo, Unir and Galo.

The nameless Kelpher was second only to the Creator and as time passed, pride began to colour his thoughts. He began to believe that he was the Creator’s equal.

The Creation (or Beginning) of Ursa

Once the Creator had created his servants, he turned his attention to creating a place for other beings to live. He called out into the darkness that surrounded his lands for new land to be made. The land was formed as a sphere and was the beginning of Ursa.

The Creator had made more than just the structure of the world but also all the processes that went on in the world. The processes are studied by the races and were called science.

The nameless Kelpher was jealous of the formation of land made by his Creator. He went out to make his own land but the other Kelpher told the Creator. The Creator told the nameless one that he would not be able to make land as the Creator had done. The Creator had not given such power to the Kelpher.

The nameless Kelpher did not heed the Creator’s words and went out. He found a place in the darkness and called to himself all his power. The nameless Kelpher slaved away building his own land but his power was spent before even the barest of foundations had been laid.  He lay there in the darkness and watched as the Creator continued his own work.

The Creator knew the nameless Kelpher would disobey as he had done. He called together the remaining eleven servants and told them what their fellow servant had done. All grieved at the loss of their strongest Kelpher and the lesser servant, Galo, left to join him.

They grieved not because the strongest Kelpher was dead but rather because he had disobeyed the Creator. By disobeying the Creator, the strongest Kelpher, now the evil servant, had put a rift between him and the rest of the Creator’s creation.

The Creator cursed the power of the evil servant and Galo. He declared they would never be able to create good and pleasing things, but only things that were twisted and evil such as themselves.

After this, the Creator took Unir and gave him to Relo and likewise with Wozlo and Xula. The two Kelphers did the Creator’s biding on the world. They flattened the plains and raised the mountains, landscaping all of Ursa.

The Creator had given the servants power to mould and create lesser things. The creation of worlds was something on the Creator could do.  

Once they were finished, they returned to the Creator who created lights to fill the sky and water to fill some of the plains of the world. The darkness around the world was illuminated and each light shone as the Creator had instructed it to. The Lands of the Creator and the land the evil servant had created were beyond the reach of Ursa.

Once the evil servant regained his strength, he went to the Creator to challenge the world He had made. The Creator reminded him of his pride and disobedience. He cast the evil servant out of the Lands of the Creator and sent the evil servant and Galo back to the land the evil servant failed to create. The Creator cast the failed land far from the Lands of the Creator.

He cursed the evil servant to only watch the joy found in the Lands of the Creator. The evil servant was not able to enjoy the joy as he used to. Yet, the Creator did allow him to enter the Land of the Creator until the day of reckoning came upon all.

The Creation of the races

Once the beginning of Ursa had been finished and Ursa was filled with plants and animals of all kinds, the Creator created six races to exist in Ursa. He gave them all different strengths and weaknesses.

The evil servant saw this and wished to have his own people. He came down to Ursa and created beings as he saw fit. The beings were twisted and full of malice and would prey upon the other races.

The six races called out to the Creator for help and he gave them heroes, two from each race to defeat the monsters. However, the heroes could not destroy the place from whence the monsters came but the Creator promised that whenever the time of monsters came, heroes would rise to defeat them.

The evil servant tried to deceive the other races to follow him and forsake the Creator by giving them some of his own power. The evil servant’s power was tainted and all who took it were likewise tainted. The tainted power gave people great power but they always hungered for more.

The Creator saw this and could not be with anything the evil servant’s power had tainted. It grieved the Creator so much, he stopped talking to the people except through those who were faithful and true. As time went on, all had been tainted by the evil servant.

Other Creation Theories

There are other theories that people have created for the beginning of Ursa. Some were created because people didn’t want to believe there was a Creator while others were created to make the Creator more akin to the evil servant. These theories turned away many from the truth. Still, many who were taught these theories turn from them to the truth.


Ursa was the name given to the world by people who believed that the world had created them and protected them as a she-bear does her cubs. They named the world Ursa which means bear in the old tongue. The name was also a play on words because they believed the world bore the first generation of the six races or gave birth to them. The name stuck after being introduced and for a long time, people were called Ursas which meant belonging to or of Ursa.

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