Hello and welcome to another short story set in the world of Fire & Ice, Words Unsaid part 2. Words Unsaid follows a young woman, Sara as she learns who or what she truly is. Though the story is set in the same world as my book series, it happens at a different time. You find part one of Words Unsaid here:

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I hope you enjoy part 2 of Words Unsaid!

Words Unsaid Part 2

Caleb, Sara’s crush, looked straight at her and smiled a beautiful smile. Why does his smile always light up even the darkest moments? Oh no! He is coming over to talk! I am so not prepared for this. Sara smiled back as Caleb approached her.  But as he was opening his mouth to talk, another student came in and called out to him. Caleb waved in response that he’ll be there in a minute.

                “You look nice today, Sara.” He said as he looked her up and down and smiled again. Sara stomach clenched and unclenched. I should say something but what? Oh come on Sara, you have talked to your crushes before. But none of them were like Caleb!  Before she could think of something to say, Caleb turned to leave but then stopped and turned around once more.

                “Are you free later today?” He asked casually. Sara’s mind went blank and all she could manage was.

                “No sorry, I have work after this class which will be until around 1800.” She said.

Caleb nodded and turned to where another classmate was waiting for him. Sara groaned. Well there goes my chance. But I do need to go to work, family is more important than any crush. And we had to learn that the hard way. Well might as well check to make sure he isn’t a mind reader before clock starts.

Sara checked the clock to see that it was already 0930 and most of the class was seated waiting for their teacher, Professor Plumb. Sara heard his leather shoes squeaking out in the hall and knew she had to act now. She focused on her worst nightmare she had ever had and screamed it mentally as hard as she could.

As soon as she did it, all her classmates and Professor Plumb looked at her with eyes filled with fear. What did I do? Sara looked around at her classmates who would flinch when she looked at her. Caleb stared at her with a look of horror, frozen in his seat, his lips forming the words; “Run”, and with that, chaos erupted.  

Chairs scraped against the floor as Sara’s former classmates ran toward her, their fear turning into something more deadly; anger. Sara shot out of her seat but was too slow to escape the hordes of students coming at her. She got about ten feet before a football player tackled her.

                “I got the mind reader!” He yelled as he picked Sara up by her waist-length hair. Sara stood up and tried to speak but was drowned out by the frenzied screams of her classmates.

                “Don’t let her speak!”

                “She is one of them! Where is her mark?”

                “Kill her! They will only ever hurt us.”

Sara tried to speak again but a gag was shoved into her mouth by a short blonde girl. The girl gave her a rage-filled look and then punched her in the face. Sara felt pain shoot through her mouth and tasted blood. Did I just bite my tongue? The girl didn’t stop at that but punched her again as the other classmates cheered her on.

                “Keep going Erin!”

                “Yeah, show those mind readers who is boss!”

The girl pulled her fist back but didn’t release it. Caleb’s hand was on her arm.

                “Let others have a turn.” He said with a sickening smile crossing his face.

Sara shuddered as the girl nodded and stepped back into the cheering crowd and as Caleb stepped forward to take her place. He looked at the football player who was still holding Sara up.

                “I got this, Greg; you might want to step away though. I wouldn’t want to miss and hit you.” Caleb said in an eerily calm voice.

Greg stepped away and let Sara go. Sara slumped to the floor as she noticed the other students backing away from her until they were all behind Caleb. She looked up at Caleb and her eyes widen as she sees him take out a 12 inch knife from a hidden pocket in his jacket. Caleb took a step toward her and she crawls toward the closest window which only makes him laugh.

She tried to crawl away faster but Caleb grabs her jean covered leg and pulls her to him as he positions himself over her with the gleaming blade pointing to her heart. He stops and turns to Professor Plumb who made it to the front of the crowd and asked,

                “Do you mind if I get your classroom a bit messy?”

The professor shakes his head and replies. “The janitor hasn’t had much work to do so he won’t mind it. We need to rid ourselves of these mind readers. Do it.”

Caleb grinned in reply and focused his attention back to Sara and bent closer to her face.

                “This is going to hurt but won’t kill you so just pretend to be dead ok?” He whispered to her except he didn’t move his lips. Sara blinked in surprise. He is a mind reader! What irony is this that I’m being killed by what I have been accused of being! Then she felt it, a sharp pain in her abdomen. Sara screamed in pain and blacked out as the waves of pain overcame her mental ability. The last thing she heard as she was blacking out was people congratulating Caleb as he picked up her body.

Sara woke up in her blue bedroom. She tried to get up but felt shooting pain from her abdominal region, she groaned and fell back on to her sheets. What happened? Did Caleb bring me here? Sara shivered as she remembered what happened.

                “Good to see you awake, dear.” Her mother said, causing Sara to jump. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you, Sara. But you two don’t have much time you must leave soon.”

At that Sara’s blood chilled.

“What do you mean by ‘you two’?” Asked Sara.


I hope you enjoyed Words Unsaid part 2, the next installment will be in two Fridays’ time. Next Friday, I’ll begin to explore the lore of the world of Fire & Ice. Please comment or share this with your friends, it really helps to boost my spirits. Thank you for your time!

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