This June newsletter will be a bit different than the May one, hope you enjoy!

It is June (already!?)

I still can’t believe it is already June. Just two months ago, I was packing up to move to London and now I’ve been here six weeks and counting. Time goes by so fast and yet so slow. It has been hard to be motivated during this quarantine and I have stopped reading the news because it only makes me feel worse.

Even though all this has been going on and it has been rough to not have work or know when I would have work, I have some good news. I got some reviews on my book, Fire & Ice. I was ecstatic to have reviews on it but it was short lived. The reviews were good and those who wrote them did a good job expressing their opinions. Some of them were a bit harsh while others gave some constructive criticism.

I have never been one to take criticism well and so was a bit upset when I read them. Thankfully, I have a very kind brother who helped to show me what I could learn from these reviews. It took a couple days for me to want to start writing again but I got there, partly thanks to my brother.

My parents gave me some good advice when it came to the reviews too. I’m in the process of implementing their advice and I feel a lot better looking back on the reviews. My dad came up with the good idea of using go fund me.

Go fund me is useful for young creators like myself because we don’t make a lot of money. I haven’t been able to work because of Covid 19 but I still want to write books for you. I am still in the red on my first book and I know I won’t make all the money back. For my second book, I’m using go fund me to help fund my second book because I still want to write encouraging stories for you.

If you could help even a little bit, it would be very appreciated. I want to have the second book out by summer 2021. If you want to help, go here to learn more:

I have been working on writing a lot of short stories. There is also upcoming posts about the lore of Fire & Ice because I enjoy learning about that too. I am slowly getting ready for school in the fall. Don’t worry, I will still post content on my website and social media for you.

I finally came up with a name for book 2 of the Fire & Ice Chronicles. Its official name is The Wild Mountains. If you want to know why it is called that, you’ll have to wait until it is out.

Life has certainly been strange with quarantine but I pray it will be over soon.

I hope you enjoyed the June newsletter for 2020! Next week, I’ll have part 2 of Words Unsaid. You can read part one here: . Thank you for your continued support.


Victoria R. Maybury

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