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Hello and welcome to another short story set in the world of Fire & Ice, Words Unsaid part one. Words Unsaid follows a young woman, Sara as she learns who or what she truly is. Though the story is set in the same world as my book series, it happens at a different time.

I wrote the story when I was 16 so it is a bit sloppy at parts (please bear with me). If you haven’t read my other story, Product of Love, you can find the first chapter here:https://www.victoriamayburybooks.ca/2020/02/15/the-product-of-love-gills-backstory/ . If you enjoy my writing and wish to help me continue in creating this world, you can buy my book on this website or go here to help me publish my next book in the Fire & Ice Chronicles:https://www.gofundme.com/f/fire-amp-ice-chronicles-the-wild-mountains.

I hope you enjoy this short story!

Words Unsaid Part One

 Sara sighed dreamily, looking out at the bright Wednesday morning. She had class at Westbury College, which meant she got to see the handsome Caleb Griffin again. She sighed again as she packed her school supplies.

                “You’ve been sighing a lot this morning.” Her mom, Jennifer, commented. “Is everything alright?”

Sara looked at her mom, walked over to her and bent down slightly to give her a hug.

                “Yes, Mom, everything is alright. I’m just a bit impatient to get to class today I guess.”

Jennifer shook her black and silver-flecked hair as she squinted up through her glasses to her daughter. Slowly, a knowing smile crossed her face as her eyes glinted slyly.

                “Is this about a guy that is in your coding class? A certain Caleb if I remember correctly.” Her mom asked with that smile still on her face.

Sara took a half step back in surprise. She was sure that she had never really talked about Caleb maybe mentioned him once at the beginning of the semester but that was five weeks ago and she had made sure to not put any different intonation in her voice than she had for any of her other classmates. Sara bit her lip and blushed slightly as she queried.

                “How did you know?”

Her mother just smiled a warm motherly smile.

                “Sara, you have been walking on a cloud these past five weeks, all smiles and chuckles.” Jennifer gave a contented sigh and continued. “I haven’t seen you so happy like this since. . . .”

Sara’s mother stopped and shared a pained look with her twenty year old daughter, and gave her another hug that was quite strong even for her 54 years. She looked into her daughter’s warm brown eyes that were so much like her father’s and so unlike her own steel grey eyes.

Sara looked down at her mother and smiled an encouraging smile as she stepped out of the embrace and looked around their small living room/dining room. They had come here for Sara’s schooling after the accident in which had taken Sara’s father’s life and hadn’t brought a lot of things with them due to the cost to travel and Sara’s college expenses.

This small house was home and was all they could afford and since Jennifer could not work, anything larger would put too much of a strain on Sara. Sara sighed and picked up her small backpack that held her notebook and her work uniform.

                “I need to go now, don’t want to be late class.” She said as she squeezed her mom’s hand.

Jennifer squeezed back as she says with an energetic twinkle in her eye. “I would love to someday meet this Caleb.” The twinkle disappeared as she finished. “As long as he isn’t a mind reader, he is always welcome.”

And with that Sara left the house bouncing with every step she took.

 Well I know he isn’t a mind reader or else he would say something. I mean I have thought some pretty embarrassing things about him. Sara blushed as she remembered her daydreams she sometimes had after she had finished the classwork and was waiting for everyone else to catch up.

  And besides, all mind readers are marked and kept away from people. Sara shivered as she thought of the stories she had heard about mind readers making people go crazy and bringing out their greatest fears and weaknesses just to toy with them.

The Law Enforcement group told them it was a mind reader that was responsible for her own father’s death. Caleb just can’t be a mind reader; there is no way he could be. Sara quickened her pace as she looked around at the flora. Sara loved the outdoors and was outside as much as possible. It was because of her love of all things outdoors that she landed her full-time job at a garden centre/petting zoo.

When she had been younger, she had begged her parents for outdoor equipment such as hiking backpacks, boots, knives and an archery set. They did get her a good quality backpack for hiking one year for her birthday. Another time for her nineteenth birthday, she got a pair of hiking boots but no matter how much she begged, her parents would never give her a weapon and since the accident, she didn’t have the heart to ask her mom for any.

Sara glanced at her digital watch as she came into view of Westbury College; it read 0900. She had thirty minutes to get to class. Sara impatiently slowed her pace and walked to class as her heart raced at the thought of seeing Caleb again.

She sat down in her regular seat where she could see all of classmates and the teacher. Her seat just happened to have the perfect view to see her 6 foot crush: Caleb Griffin.  Even as Sara was thinking about him, he came into the room, and like always, took her breath away. She stared at him and marveled about how his sapphire t-shirt brought out those blueberry eyes his. As if on cue, his shaggy black hair fell across his forehead and covered his eyes as he greeted the teacher.

As always, seeing Caleb took Sara’s breath away but today there was an extra something about him. It made it that much harder to breathe but what it was, Sara didn’t know. He did really look good wearing that black leather jacket and his blue jeans. As she watched her crush, Sara sighed, Why is Caleb so good looking? It just isn’t fair for someone to be that good looking.

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I hope you enjoyed Words Unsaid part one, the next installment will be in two Fridays’ time. Please comment or share this with your friends, it really helps to boost my spirits. Thank you for your time!

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