Hello, after doing the Creative Writing Tips For Kids (which you can find here: I thought I’d just do a post with writing prompts for everyone and anyone. Sometimes, it is easier to start writing with a prompt because it gets your creative juices flowing. In light of that, here is your writing prompts for all. Hope you enjoy!

Creative Writing Prompts

  • What would happen if you were on a submarine?
  • Have a discussion with a lobster, what would you say?
  • Write 5 things you love about your sibling(s).
  • What car would you love to own and why?
  • How would you climb the side of a building?
  • Who was your favorite character in the last book you read and why?

Scene Writing Prompts

  • Suddenly, icy fingers grabbed my arm as I inched through the darkness. . .
  • I suddenly found out that I was heir to a throne. . .
  • When she flipped on the radio that night, she couldn’t believe the voice she heard coming through the speakers. . .
  • He opened the letter and it said he’d won $1 000 000. . .
  • Today, she would find out that her entire life had been a lie. . .
  • He was heading back to the one place he hoped he’d never have to see again. . .
  • Shaking, she grabbed his hand and said her goodbyes. . .

Other Writing Prompts

  • The evil queen keeps a diary. Write her first, 12th and last entries.
  • “Did you expect her to stay? She hated this place as a kid.”
  • “I was never meant to be your hero.”
  • His eyes were cold and lifeless as he stared at me. “You have no idea who I am, do you?”


I hope you found these prompts helpful! Just remember, you’re only given one spark of madness so don’t lose it! Until next time!

Victoria R. Maybury

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