Welcome to the May 202 Newsletter: How I Have Been and hello to anyone who is reading this. I hope you are doing well! I wanted to take a bit of time to talk about what has been up in my life. The reason for this post being called a newsletter is because I don’t have an email newsletter yet which is fine because I have enough on my plate as it is.

What has been up and how I have been

Recently, my parents, brother and I moved from Windsor to London which was stressful since it was during the height of the Covid 19 outbreak but thankfully God was watching over us and we made the transition smoothly. Since then, I’ve been working on different ideas I’d like to implement on my website as well as taking some time to enjoy the fresh air.

Some of you know that apart from writing, I love to sew, cook, and so forth. They are all different ways I use my creativity. So I was wondering if you would like to see some of that on here? If so, just email me at: or go to one of these links and message me privately: .


Recently, I finished the Product of Love short story series (which if you haven’t read, the first chapter is here: People really enjoyed it and wanted to read more short stories. Before I started writing the next short story I was asked by a friend if I could give some creative writing tips for their kids. I liked the idea so much that I’m going to do a post about that before my next short story. Hopefully, I’ll have it posted by the end of this week.

Another project I would like to begin is, writing about some of the lore of the world of Fire & Ice. I know not everyone is big into lore so I will also continue to write short stories. Not all of the short stories will be in Ursa (the name of the world) but I will continue to write them for you, dear reader.

The last project I would like to talk about now is book 2 in the Fire & Ice Chronicles. What I would like to talk about it is how it is nearly completely edited which I’m very happy about. I’m hoping for it to come out in the summer of 2021 but really it will be when the Lord wills. The cover is being done by the lovely Lydia Palmer who is an awesome artist. She actually sells her art on two different platforms whose links are here: . Be sure to check her out sometime or other!


Well, that is all the exciting things that happened this month. Check out the rest of the website or my social media for more interesting tidbits!

Until next time,

Victoria R. Maybury

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