Product of Love part 4 has Adrianna facing a terrible choice. She must decide what she is willing to sacrifice for the good of the city but don’t let me tell you the story, read it below! If you haven’t read the earlier installments, here they are in chronological order. 1. https://www.victoriamayburybooks.ca/2020/02/15/the-product-of-love-gills-backstory/ 2. https://www.victoriamayburybooks.ca/2020/02/23/product-of-love-part-2-adrianna-and-dereck/ 3. https://www.victoriamayburybooks.ca/2020/03/01/product-of-love-part-3-the-marketplace/

Product of Love Part 4: The Choice Set Before Her

“Where were you, Adrianna? I almost called for the guards!” Mi looked at her taller friend in worry. “I thought you had left without me. Or had gotten caught by one of the board members.”

“Well, I didn’t get caught, but I got my necklace back. So let’s go home before we do get questioned by someone.” Adrianna showed her retrieved identification necklace to Mi who grumbled about not having the chance to admonish the man but held her peace.

Once back in the Mage community, the young mages parted ways, both having activities to tend to. As Adrianna entered her family home, she felt the necklace vibrate slightly. She tapped the necklace which relayed the message as a hologram in front of her. The mage sighed slightly as she saw her parents summons for her to come to their office directly. She wasn’t on bad terms with her parents but she knew that an office summons meant there would be some weighty topic to be discussed. Her heart quivered as she assended the stairs to the office. Did they know about her plans with Dereck? No that was impossible. . . or was it?

As she reached the landing, the door to her parents’ shared office swung open revealing her father’s wise amber eyes and slick, silver hair. “Come in, daughter.” His deep voice echoed throughout the empty house. Adrianna obeyed and took a seat facing her mother who sat across the desk. Her father joined them, sitting beside her mother. The room was still and silent as Adrianna waited for her parents to speak.

“Adrianna,” Her father began, “as you know, both your mother and I are members on the Board of Mages and with those positions come certain perks.” He looked pointedly at his daughter.

Adrianna nodded, “You have access to my test scores as well as what the board deems is the best position for me within the city, along with many other things.”

Her father smiled sadly, “Yes, along with many other things which include bartering within the board of Mages. Your mother and I know you wished to be placed among the musicians or as an instructer at the education centre. . . .”

As her father trailed off, her mother picked up where he had left off. “Unfourtunately, the board thinks you’d best serve the city as a board member to council and lead the rest of the city. It is a position of great honour especially to be bestowed at such a young age, both your father and I worked at different positions in society until we were recognized as possible canidates for the board.”

Adrianna felt her hopes of a music filled life fall into shambles but she lifted her chin and spoke the creed she had been taught since birth. “As my city needs me, so I will do and where my country needs me, so I will go.”

Her father raised his hand to silence her, “I know you would, mija, but there is an option for you to become a music instructor at the centre, but it is costly.”

“How so?”

Her parents exchanged a look that set her nerves on edge. “I spoke to the head of the board of Mages to see if you could have the position you wished for. He has a son, a little older than you, well-mannered, well-groomed and posses a strong dormant power that he can wield with tenacity. It would be a good match, you could do what you love and we would know that you wouldn’t be lonely as time passes.”

The air was knocked out of Adrianna as she heard her parents’ words, it was indeed a costly price but the idea of being a member of the council filled her with dread. She could feel her parents’ eyes on her and raised her gaze to meet their’s. “If I may, could I have three days to think upon this? It is a difficult and lifechanging choice and as such, I would ask for time to decide.”

Her mother smiled at her, “We have taught you well, mija, three days and we will await your answer on the fourth.” Adrianna nodded and rose to leave but her mother’s voice stopped her. “Do not be afraid of love, it isn’t like a flash of lightning just randomly appearing in one’s heart. It takes time and must be nutured if it will last and sometimes even if you care deeply for the other person, it doesn’t always result in love.”

Adrianna thanked her mother for her kind words and left in a fog of worry and dread. The fog accompanied the mage for the rest of the day only abating as she finally fell asleep that night.

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